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Have a Scotcharoo! They're delicious!

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ben c.

Their Saturday breakfast is the bomb!

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Jason O.

The Carmel apple cider is the best!!

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Terri F.

The Cuban is delish!

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Jason O.

Try Kara's Latte! It's almost as awesome as she is! :-)

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@btcoffee on Twitter

Our patio has lilacs, butterflies galore, and a nest of baby robins. It's like our own little nature sanctuary.

Liquor License application renewal submitted. BT will continue to have beer. Because sometimes you just don't want coffee. #uppersanddowners

We love us a good Ultimate Grilled Cheese rush on a mid-afternoon. Proves once again that it's never a bad time for melty cheese goodness.

I brought every baby entertainment contraption in our house and the boy prefers staring at the mural. He's definitely a keeper.