Waterfront Seafood Market

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by Derek Brooks

Waterfront is a seafood restaurant and market with a fantastic sushi bar.

As a market, Waterfront has some of the freshest fish in the Des Moines metro. Combine that with their unique sushi rice flavor and you're left with some of the best sushi around.

I don't know much about the traditional seafood menu (simply because I have a hard time walking past the sushi bar) but I hear most of it is great.

When I want quality sushi in Des Moines, it's always a toss up between Waterfront and Miyabi 9. Both are amazing.

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Mike A.

Fish is the new steak

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Tammy B.

Great food, sushi is awesome!

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The rock shrimp is delicioso! We are big fans of the Chuck Norris sushi roll and the new sushi poppers.

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Robert D.

Simply the best!

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Jeff W.

You can never go wrong with fried catfish!

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Amy D.

Host staff suck on wait time suggestions.

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Itako Salad is the best! Popper are great! And Chuck Norris roll is right up there with Volcano roll.

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DSM:SushiBomb w.

Enjoy Waterfront Seafood Market seafood at the first ever DSM: SUSHIBOMB!

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Fish is always fresh. Try buying some fresh to take home & prepare.

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