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by squirrely

I can't comment on the service or atmosphere, as I was on the receiving end of a takeout order. The crust, sauce and toppings are top-notch. In my opinion, there was too much cheese on the flying tomato. This is especially evident as I'm eating a cold slice the day after - all I taste is yummy cheese and not much else! Next time I'll try the thin crust and see if that suits my taste better.

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by RyanC

I'd heard good things about this Flying Tomato pizza so me and the lady friend stopped in for some drinks and taste of our own.

We took the advice of another "aliver" and started out the meal with their cheese fries. It was a pleasant surprise to see that they don't use the usual cheddar on this app but instead a heaping mound of mozzarella. Definitely not something you see all the time and it works very well.

The pizza is everything that you can imagine from the description our waiter gave us - a thin crust Chicago "style" pizza. I use Chicago style loosely as the sauce is not topping the pizza. As far as cheese goes, get ready for a mozzarella seizure. The ingredients tasted fresh and were plentiful. The crust was somehow created to not only hold the 10lbs of cheese lying atop it but also still hold great flavor - I'm guessing the butter wash had a hand in this. All in all the pizza was great, and went down even better with a few Blue Moons from the tap.

As far as pizza goes this place delivers - maybe not the fastest delivery but I feel it's worth the wait. They are lacking a tad in the service department however. The manager did impress us by coming to the table to inform us our first pizza had burnt and she would be comping' us on the cheese fries. However, the communication of this to our waiter was not followed through as it was still on our bill at the end of our meal. Outside of a small communication issue this place has great pizza and laid back atmosphere and I hope to share the experience with some friends soon.

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by pizzalover

Best pizza in the Des Moines area! I loved the Wig when I lived in Iowa City and I love it even more now that it made itís way to Ankeny! The flying tomato is the best...be sure to order the cheese fries while you wait because it takes awhile to make the deliciously cheesy pizza...but it is worth the wait!

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by Jeff

Drinks may not be the cheapest - but look around - drinks aren't cheap anywhere. This pizza is far superior to Old Chicago - and the fact that it has been around Iowa City for quite some time, where there are thousands of Chicago transplants, must tell you that the pizza is good. This is not fine dining, folks, this is a family pizza place.

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by Wig What?

I don't see what the big deal is - $3 domestic pints & domestic pitchers for $10? I can see that in a big city or if there was something special there, but everything here is way overpriced. This is a pizza joint not fine dining.

When I want good pizza in Ankeny, I go to Ranallo's - fine dining but more reasonably priced ironically than Wig - OR I go to Old Chicago. This place is going to get run out of town faster than Ankeny can say "Tonic" way out on its nearly empty north side.

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by hojo

Best pizza in town in my opinion. Service was a little flustered when we went in, but it was the first week. The Flying Tomato is the way to go here. The restaurant is a little odd in it's shape/ambience, as it's confused as to what it actually is (which is really a family oriented, very loud, pizza joint). Don't go here for a quiet pizza dinner, or for fish and chips (the faux british pub is odd). Come for the pizza.

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Derek P.

get the flying tomato pizza... you won't regret it

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Dave L.

Thin crust pizza is awesome!

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Charley M.

Best pizza in the Des Moines area

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Megan P.

Love their flying tomato pizza! Also they have a great Reuben!!

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Josh K.

Best deep dish crust in town. I wish the sausage was in patty form though.

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Dan J.

The Flying Tomato Pizza is quite tasty. Not a full deep-dish, but you still can't eat 2 slices.

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