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by Sandy

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by Ahmed

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by Setan

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by Duckster

I really enjoy this place. We just recently starting going on after work on Thursdays and you can't beat it. 1/2 price appetizers and cheap beers ($1.60!!) during happy hour. Feels like cheers when you walk in the the bartender remembers what you drank last week. I even like the food (yeah, It's not all about the beer) I only wish it was a tad bit bigger and had a patio.

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by quietriot

the Club Car is a very reliable place to eat. The barstaff is a bit unfriendly but their food is great pub fare - try the French Dip with french fries.

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by Heidi

I love that this is a local place. I think the night we went the owner showed us to our table. Can't beat that!

I love the highback booths and the division of bar and dining areas. Another wonderful thing is their attitude that it can be an adult haven or a place to take the kids.

The service is perfect. The waitstaff is obviously experienced and professional without being stuffy. You feel as if you were in a small town restaurant that always gives its 100% becuase they know you and like you.

The food has never failed me there. It comes in good portions and gives you the idea that the chef really prepared it with you in mind.

This place is always a consideration for my husband and I for a date night and always will be!

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by Dre

I just had a business lunch there. It was one of my better lunch experiences in Des Moines - service was excellent, something for everyone on the menu, food came out promptly, and the prices were more than fair. Oh, and the food was good, too! Overall, a great lunch place and I'll be sure to come back.

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by A and D

The Club Car is a very reliable and good value restaurant with very good food and solid service. The value is high for the prices. It is a 'comfort' restaurant that somehow becomes a somewhat dull habit.

The bar is excellent and drinks are reasonable and well-poured by a competent bar staff. Food is available at the bar. It gets a little smokey now and then, but what are you gonna' do? The bar patrons are mature people and it's definitely not a yuppy bar.

The chef is solid and competent, if not enlightened and daring. The Walleye (when available) is extremely well-done. Prime rib (also when featured) is excellent. The walnut chicken is particularly good, as is the chicken cordon bleu. The food preparation is (that word again) 'solid;' nothing spectacular or wierd, just good food at a good price.

Service is always efficient, attentive and prompt. There are no mistakes or inexperienced teens working here. And they don't do that idiotic canned script, "Hi, I'm Kristin and I'll be your server. See me write upside down with my crayon. It says, K R I S T I N . . . that's me! Can I get you guys something to drink, or how about four appetizers?" None of that, thankfully, at The Club Car. This is a grown-up's restaurant with a grown-up staff and management. The owners watch everything and make sure the service is good.

The decor is pretty obsolete. . . the train motif is not that exciting anymore . . . time for a make-over. But, it's comfortable, familiar and consistent.

The menu changes so little. I've had everything on it so many times that I'd beg for something new to keep me coming back. The Club Car needs some specials, some pizazz, perhaps a bit of daring. It is becoming a senior "Early Bird Discount" place (but still with good food) and that trend too often spells the end of a good restaurant, especially when they start to cut costs. If they are going to actively compete with a lot of restaurants that have opened around the area, they have to do it on new dishes, excitement, and a variety-laden menu. Maybe even bring in a jazz trio to the lounge! That said, it remains a 'favorite' for "A" and "D" and a place that is comfortable.

The value is good. The food is good. The service is good. It's just not terribly exciting or interesting anymore.

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