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by Jhay

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by Mxell

Ugh, the proverbial straw that broke the calmes' back. Sometimes all you can do is cry. While it can be exhausting at least you feel better after it's all over with.

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by Skybox

What is up with them being closed? I was there on Jan 8th and the door was locked saying they were closed for remodeling. Who knows when they will be reopening...or will they be? I had just been there 2 weeks prior and there was nothing saying they were going be closed.

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by john

Ok well to start off drink pretty much sucks. I was there the other night and I had a mixed drink but it was all coke! I dont complain to often but I pay good money for a drink and I cant even taste the liquor and that sucks. so the first time I went up to the bar and asked if there was any booze in it and the bar tender remade me a drink the next time i went up there and this stupid cunt made me a drink with 95% coke ahh I then decided it was time to leave

THE GOOD Drink always has good looking girls.

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by FattyHungry

Wall to wall cheese!

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by Jen

I only feel comfortable going here when I am dressed to the nines - great hair, slender figure, expensive clothes and great boobs. It is a very upiddy bar but nice and relaxed if you just want to go some place with friends for a couple of drinks.

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by quietriot

Drink is very fun, but it must be said that I'm a female and I never want to go to Drink unless my hair looks perfect, I'm wearing a low cut top and my jeans make my ass look good. Lots of yuppies and fashionistas. Sometimes that is just not good....

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by Derek Brooks

I've been stopping into Drink for over 3 years now. At first I went all the time, but now it's more of a "It's my buddy's birthday, and it's Thursday" type of spot.

Drink is setup to be an awesome bar. The interior is fairly classy with dark wainscoted walls and framed photos of it's visitors. The patio is pretty amazing, which you will respect if you've seen how it transforms between winter and summer. That thing is engineered very well. Plus they have the classic entertainment: pool tables, foosball, and even TVs above the urinals.

They also have a great beer and drink selection and the bartenders are amazing. They are seriously some of the fastest around and always put on a subtle, but good show (juggling bottles and what not). Especially Mark.

There are some things that annoy me about Drink.

1. That Drink bar "smell." What is it? Is it a cleaner? rotten fruit? maybe a nasty bar mat? air freshener? I can't even decide if I like it or hate it. But there is a distinct Drink smell - mostly up by the bar.

2. It never fails, there is always always 1 asshole employee working. I don't have any names or anything, and actually most of them are awesome... But there is always 1 that puts a damper on my night.

3. The rules. Why are there so many rules here? I have some friends that do promotions and have "ins" for big Chicago clubs (Crobar, Redno5, Soundbar, YBar, etc). When I visit there's a good chance that we end up with shirts off getting in vodka fights in VIP. Punching each other's nuts. Dancing on furniture. Snapping photos. Straight getting rowdy... and the clubs are cool with it. Why? Because we don't break anything, we don't hurt anyone, we're spending money, and we're creating some buzz.

I got asked to leave Drink once because my boxers were showing when I bent down to take a shot in pool. I've been told I can't bring my camera inside. Sometimes I can't wear a hat, sometimes I can. My friends and I usually get told to settle down if we're doing anything other than standing still. I feel like some of the bouncers are trying too hard to be in control, rather than truly being an "original fun bar." If they played that "fun bar" card... Like REALLY played it. This would be the spot to be. For real. I'm not asking to get in vodka fights or anything... but just lighten up a tad.

So that said, I really want to love this bar, it's setup to be a really dope place. There's an attractive wait stuff, talented bartenders, and a good overall atmosphere.... But there is always something that just brings my experience down a notch. I suppose I'll just take it for what it is and keep making the best of it for now. I still always have a good time and a few stories to tell.

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by Andy Walsh

They call it "drink" because that's all this horrid wait staff will bring you. Hipsters and yuppies re-living their high school popularity drama days with each other in this place. Any place that refuses to let a buddy of mine in because they didn't like his shoes needs a reality check.

Face it, it's popular because of advertising.

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by Nick

As said previously, the bartenders are stuck up as well as most the patrons here. It's a bit stuffy for my liking. I also do agree that it screams frat house. It often times is too crowded to have fun, but the last two times I went was on birthday Thursday. I bet people would like it much more if it was bigger and you didn't have to fight for your 1ft x 1ft space of floor. On the positive side, they have a great beer and drink selection. Guinness on tap, in the top 25% for beer diversity. It is very clean for a bar. Only two pool tables with a huge crowd means you'll probably never get to play. They need some arcade machines like silver strike bowling, etc, for when people get bored.

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by Melissa

Hi, well I have been going to DRINK since it opened, yes it is fun, yes it can be a "meat market", but it is still fun to go to. It is BAR people, what do you expect? A bar, is a bar. There is going be people on the the "hunt" for a one night stand or a girl to take home. But if you are a "classy" woman you won't do that. So quit complaining and enjoy life, it is way to short not to have fun.

DRINK has fun tent parties. And I on the other hand LOVE Miss Kitty's, and I am not a fat ass girl or white trash. I have a PHAT ass! I don't go to the bar looking for a guy, I go there to have fun with my friends.

DRINK is busy all the time and has been open for along time, so they must be doing something correct :)

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by The Chad

I went to Birthday Thursday, and my experience was 100% different from the previous reviewer. Wait staff service was attentive, fast and the bartenders are as energetic as ever! Always flare bartending at its best! The crowd is filled with some of the brightest, up-and-coming young people in the Metro. I've always gotten great service here - maybe because I always respect the staff and understand the business. I suppose the birthday glass could be bigger, but with all the free shots they drowned me with, who needs more jack and coke???

It's scary that I always recognize so many people here, but it's no wonder since they're always so busy. All in all, Drink is fun as always if you want to be at a busy bar with fun people!

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by Tara

Last week we went to drink to celebrate my b-day. It took the waitress about 5 minutes to get to us on the patio and the bar wasn't even busy. The "cup" is a joke - small beer cup w/their logo on it. There was no free food that nite but you could order off their menu. We ended up moving to the bar to get better service, which we did. We ended up going to Down Under - I got a endless MUG of beer, a t-shirt and a free pizza.

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by Terri

Birthday Thursday!!! What a crock!! We went with the birthday girl and there was no free food, the waitress continually walked by us (waiting on guys first, of course) so we just went to the bar and got our own drinks and refills for the birthday girl. Needless to say, we had 2 drinks and left.

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by Chad Brown

I'm engaged and 27 - I only go out to one or two places a week now - and usually to Drink. It's just hands-down my favorite place to get a drink. The happy hours and SIN night is great. I've won free tabs 3 times on Monday nights... about once a month. It's great and always the place we go if we want to have a great time.

Also, if the staff is ready to keep out the riff raff, more power to them! I hate going to a bar that's full of bar-fighters and people my age getting drunk and acting ridiculous.

Drink does everything right, and I think the owners are smart at their business.

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by M

I think it's so funny how this place "claims" to be the best bar in Iowa hands down. The last time I was there.....the music was way too loud...has too many tables for the space it has, it was dirty and the drinks sucked. I remember when this bar used to be tailgators and it was cool.........It's just a BAR.......I love how they say Most attractive wait staff.........hahahaha........Lot's of places have hot wait staff......ah well.........

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by Tom Brazelton

The fact this place does so well makes me sick. This is the kind of bar that every meat-headed jock I wanted to kill in high school hangs out in. Loud, obnoxious people only going there to be seen. "Hey, did you hear N'Sync once came here?" Who cares!

I'll give points to the wait staff. They're on it. They keep the drinks coming. But the fact that the waitresses have to dress like Hooters girls tells you exactly what you're dealing with here.

Maybe I would like this bar if I just turned 21 and pledged some fraternity. But as a 20-something who's happily married, it's clearly not the bar for me.

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by JRB

I love this bar. While they do appeal to an upscale crowd, they do offer great drink specials prepared by Des Moines' best bartenders. Drink is the perfect place for Happy Hour, especially on Fridays with their drink specials and appetizers.

Another reason I enjoy Drink is their music. I am in my upper-20's and have had my fill of the "club" scene with dance music cranked to a painful volume. Drink plays a great mix of current hits and old favorites, and you can still talk with your friends. Drink also seems to be one of the better ventilated bars, so even though it seems everyone is smoking, it does not overwhelm those of us who don't smoke.

I don't really regard myself as "extremely attractive", but I'm guessing that I am better looking than those of you hating on Drink. That's fine if it isn't your scene, but no need to be so nasty about it. Drink is a FUN bar, and if you're a FUN-HATER, we won't miss you.

I agree with Sam that Drink has found a market that other DM area bars haven't been able to serve. Congrats to the owners on their successful business, and thank you for giving us a place to play!

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by Samuel

I love these people who complain about Drink. Yes, is does get crowded. Yes, people might have a certain type of ego who go there. Yes, the bouncers and staff may attempt to cater to an upscale crowd. Yes, most of the women may dress a little slutty, and most of the men may dress fairly nice. But people... that's the point!! Can't Des Moines have one bar that doesn't have dirt floors, holes in the wall, ugly people in it, and look like an East-side dive? The people that complain about this place are the people you seen in Drink wearing dirty clothes, t-shirt with holes in them, and fat girls who never get hit on. If those of you who complain about this place ever actually left Des Moines, you would realize that most upscale bars in bigger cities are all exactly like this. In fact most of them are honestly even more upscale than Drink. There is a reason Drink is packed with good looking people and people who dress nice. It's because those type of people don't always like going to the other 90% of the bars in town where everyone has a mullet, people don't shower before they go out, and everyone dresses like they are at the Iowa State Fair. So next time you find yourself in Drink wearing your new cowboy hat with your mullet sticking out of the back, you have on tight black jeans with your new belt buckle, you're with you fat girlfriend/wife, and you feel out of place, do us all a favor and head south down 22nd and go to Miss Kitty's, you'll be in white trash/redneck heaven.

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by Chad Studke

Stay away from this place! It is full of bouncers and managers on major power trips. They must get a real ego boost by manhandling their customers. Sadly, they are in a position to harass and assault their patrons and get away with it. Head to Mickey's Irish Pub instead.

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by D & H

If you're into getting roughed up by bouncers, then Drink is the place for you. Employees with a God complex are in and whistling is definitely out. My husband and I visited this establishment once and were physically removed after my husband whistled at me. I even have pictures of the bruises on his throat and torso as a nice memento of our evening at Drink. For a relaxed night out, I would instead suggest a visit to Caberet or Denny Arthur's where the employees are friendly and don't need to manhandle patrons to boost their self esteem.

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by St. Patty

Well, at least they serve alcohol. That's about all I can say. Tends to have a distinct fragrance of unwashed countertops and the bartenders' noses always seem to be pointed to the ceiling in the attempt of seeming to be in the upper social status. Most of them anyway. Most of the time, there is some good eye candy but then again, sausages tend to out number.

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by Me

Well no crap they all work at Wells Fargo. Or didnt you take notice that DSM is one of WFF/HM home offices? Lets see, 8,000+ employees, maybe 100 bars in DSM. You do the math.

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by Brent

Drink, the original fun bar? Like this place was the first place fun in des moines? Im sorry, but get real. This bar is like every other bar, crowded, clique filled, recycled vomit. For starters, does everyone in this bar work at Wells Fargo? They should have a Wells Fargo night. Second of all, could it be possible to get any more frat boys assembled into one place at one time, without having a keg sitting on ice somewhere within a 15 ft. radius? And memo to Drink patrons, MOVE AROUND IN THE BAR!!!!! JESUS! I love you idiots that stand in the same place all night long, clogging up the walkways with your little groups of high school buddies, might as well be a bonfire out at someones house Junior year. One Star, and one star only just for the eye candy, but seriously, Drink, you're a joke.

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by Em

Great afterwork bar....but leave before "bar time" unless you are 21 and looking for someone to take home.

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by Shane

I think this is a great place to go after work. The happy hour is until 6:30 and ALL drinks are HALF PRICE. The patio is large and covered for good shade on those hot days. Great staff, attractive waitress's wearing a mini skirt uniform and the bartends are top notch.

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by kari

"The Hamptons of the Midwest" makes me want to vomit.. And whoever thought of that slogan should have his/her head kicked.

The "Hamptons of the Midwest"?? Seriously? Isn't that quite the contradiction? We are in IOWA.. there are no Hamptons.. or nothing of the sort. And IF there were.. I'm sure a little meatmarket bar with overaged, want-to-be/has-been frat boys (and girls who all seem to buy their pants one size too small.. gross!) in CLIVE would not be it.

Nor would a bar that doesn't allow cameras, that kicks you out for getting rowdy with your friends, or allows "special guests" to park front and center.. (where something bad is bound to happen to the car.. ) all of which applies to Drink: The Original Fun(?) Bar.

I hate this bar.. it's beyond hate.. Drink is the epitome of bars that I despise.

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by nathan

Drink the Original Fun Bar-I am not sure how original this bar is but it can be fun. Plasma TVs on the patio, which is open in the summer and heated in the winter. As for the men's room, I never miss a play as I'm tinkling because there are TVs eye level above the urinal. Mondays are $1 drinks which is fabulous, and Wednesdays has live bands and hot women.

This place is great for meeting people who are more than likely better looking than you and can pull hotter women. For the ladies, the guys are also great looking. If you are into the latest fashions from the coast (even if it is 2 years later) this is the place to be. For you drinkers out there, Birthday Thursday is worth checking out because you drink for free on your birthday week.

Side notes...Free pool on Sundays (3 Tables) and there is Foosball and Golden Tee. If you think you're hot or if you are looking or wanting to look at people that are, this is the place to be.

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Drink is known for their huge patio that is open all year round - open in the summer and enclosed and heated in the winter. The inside is filled with various pictures of its visitors along with movie posters, etc. There are TVs over the urinals, a big screen in the front corner, plasmas on the patio, etc. The crowd is normally a very attractive mix of people between the ages of 20s to mid 30s. It's even been visited by Tom Green, Tony Hawk, and N'Sync. Generally it's packed so full you can hardly move, but Sundays and Tuesdays are pretty laid back if you're looking to chill out.

The bar tenders at drink are some of the craziest bar tenders around. They show off their coordination by tossing glasses, juggling bottles, etc. Plus they are ultra fast and never miss a beat.

For other entertainment there are 3 pool tables, golden tee, foosball, and Top 40 music. Also check out their specials:
Happy Hour: 1/2 price drinks.
Sunday: Free Pool
Monday: "Sin Night" with $1 drinks starting at 7pm
Tuesday: $1 pints
Wednesday: Live Bands, Free Drinks?
Thursday: Birthday Thursdays! Get a free T-Shirt and drink for free if it's the week of your birthday. Simply bring your ID and at least 3 friends
Friday: Happy Hour 3-7.

The entrance and side of the patio during the winter months 30 Tappers: a lot of beer on tap Pool Tables on a Sunday Night

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