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by Mel

I guess this was a fine place to go for a bachelorette party, but keep in mind they don't give out glasses of water. So, if you are pregnant or the DD, be prepared to shell out $3 for a bottle of water. Highway robbery!!!

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by Nicole

I have to say that when I did live in Iowa 6 years ago I was a faithful patron to Miss Kitty's. I would go up almost every friday and saturday night from 70 miles away!!!!
I have always enjoyed the crowd. I have never had an issue with the security the dj's the wait staff, the bartenders even when I first started going there.
When I went back after being gone for 4 years alot of the same people were still there and I was still treated the same. Like a princess! I wish I didnt live over 1200 miles away and cry every friday and saturday night because my new small town area on the east coast does not believe in country music or good dance halls like that. Clive Iowa is the best place to go to be treated like a princess!!!! I miss my Miss Kitty's staff Steve, Carey, Boo, Chris and both of the dj's and everyone else. They take care of you as long as you treat them with the respect that they all deserve. Hopefully I will make it back there this Thanksgiving!!!!
Missing you Miss Kitty's (dancing in my mind to cotton eyed joe, black betty)

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by bambi

Enjoyed my first experience for the most part. I like it that the music is mixed. I wouldn't want to listen to country all night, thats for sure!!!! You will notice that once the dance music starts, the floor is packed. If a country song is mixed in, not many people out there. The female staff is much friendlier than the male. The smoking facility is great! The bathrooms were clean for a bar. The buckets of beer made me happy! I would definately go back.

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by daniel brangers

I think miss kittys sucks. its supposed to be a country bar so play only country music. the other music is played downtown. that is the point of miss kittys is for the country people. that other music they play is shit music. they'll be lucky if I ever go back.

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by partyfoul

Awesome on Saturday nights, average every other night. Usually my first choice on a Saturday if I want to get messed.

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by BabygirlE

I've been to Miss K's twice so far.

1. Country Music ends after 10pm (for the most part).
2. VERY friendly mix of people from all ages and places.
3. Well mixed drinks.
4. Pretty clean bathrooms for a bar.
5. Fun dance floor and an interesting atmosphere.

1. Unfriendly (rude) staff. When I say unfriendly...I mean you walk in and literally get a "dirty look" from whoever is behind the desk at coat check. The bouncers look like they want to rip your head off if you make eye contact.

2. The drinks are expensive.

(Yep...just 2 cons so far.)

I actually found the male bartenders and bouncers to be the rude ones. We were literally "ignored" at the bar. The female bartender "rocked" and the wait staff was awesome! Very sweet gals serving us our drinks and jello shots!! Of course we "tipped" well. :-)

Dance floor is going to be crowded and the line in the bathroom (womens) long. That's the "bar scene" for you. Guys are extremely friendly...and can be "handsy." But, that's why I only go out with my husband and our friends. We have a blast and he keeps the hands-off from the drunk~n~happy dudes.

Miss K's is a fun place to go if you get there a bit early, find a table, get some drinks and hit the bathroom all before the crowd arrives. Then you've got your own little place to be and fun can be had by all. Oh...I also thought the mixed age group was cool. I danced with 20, 30 and 40 year old gals. It was a blast and I guarantee I couldn't have told you which was which age. Girls just wanna have fun and we do at Miss Kitty's! Come join us!

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by Jen

This place is quiet interesting. I only enjoy going here when I know I want to go out with the girls, drink and dance. It is usually packed and you can barely move around the dance floor - if you're female and don't want to be manhandled, I don't suggest this place, you will be grinded on and hit on but if you don't mind this is the place for you. The bar staff can be very rude - and they really don't give one $u^k about you or your issues. THis is not a bar to go sit down at and relax and have a few drinks - it is the bar to get drunk and dance at. It totally depends on my mood if I will go here, usually it's only 2 times a year -

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by Nick

I can enjoy most bars, but this was not one of them. It was the weekend and it was way over packed. You could barely move, not to mention getting bumped and jarred every minute. As mentioned the crowd is very amusing as you have gangsters and cowboys taking turns on the floor as the songs change. It was a fairly long wait to get a drink. The worst feature was the bouncers. They would walk straight through the crowd pushing people aside and into others instead of waiting or going around. It would be one thing if it was an emergency, but they would come by us every 15 minutes and at the very least push one of us three out of their way each time. This was very annoying and disrespectful. All drink prices were too high, even for a club type bar. I will never go back here, no matter what the occassion is or who is there.

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by Emily

I used to be a huge fan of this bar... until I actually dealt with the staff. Now I'm not saying that everyone is nasty, but the bouncers, coat check girl, and a guy calling himself the manager were very nasty to my entire party. It started out as a simple mistake. The coat check girl forgot to give my a coat check ticket when I checked my coat upfront. I didn't realize it until later on that night, when I started searching my pockets. No check stub. I didn't think it was a big deal because obviously, it being my coat, I could descibe it and its contents.

So, when my friends and I were ready to leave, I went up front and explained that I had never gotten a stub. The girl insisted she gave me one, but I had several witnesses who saw that she didn't. I asked if I could descibe my coat, they said no. I asked if I could remove my car keys form the coat (me being the DD for my group), again no. I asked if I could have someone call my phone, also in my coat pocket, they said they had better things to do than listen for a coat to ring. (They were really busy standing there laughing at me.)

So, we had to wait until 2 am to get my coat from them without an apology. I was also informed that if anyone found my ticket, they would give them the coat and not me! So, I had to wait for an hour and a half praying that no one else claimed my coat.

I planned on having a big bachorette party there in the summer, but now I'll find somewhere else!

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by Kelsie

Reason why I like Kitties:

1. There is a very diverse crowd so if you have friends that are older and younger or come from different places you can still have a good time and everyone fits in.

REASONS why I hate the bar:

1. The bouncers are rude and even if you are 21 or OLDER and don't look like it they still hound you for ten minutes about your birthday and your zodiac sign and then turn you away...retarded! I can't help it my eyes don't look green in their light! Get a life. I had an easier time getting in there with a fake than I do now! haha

2. Drinks are way too expensive and they never have decent drink specials...EVER!

3. All the cocktail girls and staff look like white trash!

4. There are 6 bathroom stalls and 600 people...you do that math!

5. You can't have drinks on the dance floor.

6. I once accidently spilt someone's beer but before I had time to offer to buy the person a new beer a bouncer approached me and said he saw me do that intentionally and threatened to throw me out. The girl even told the bouncer it wasn't a big deal. Talk about harrassment. Its a F*%&%*# bar there are bound to be beers spilt by people accidently running into each other! duh!

I am sure there are many more reasons why this bar sucks. I used to like it but not so much anymore!

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by NicoleK

A group of us went to Miss Kitty's to check out this well-know bar in the Des Moines area. And not expecting too much, I was still disappointed.

First off, it was a Saturday night and we had to pay a $5 cover. Annoying. This bar is not that fantastic to justify any cover. Second, the drinks were overpriced and the bartenders were so rude. And without telling you, if you start a tab you must spend over $10 to cash out. The only thing I had on my tab was water...yep, I ran out of cash with my other drinks and wanted a water…just tap water would of done, but without asking brought me a bottle water for $1.50. So I had only a $1.50 on my tab.

Be warned Miss Kitty's is a country bar and it definitely lives up to the cowboy-stereotype. The music was predominately country with a few 'wtf' songs, like the electric slide. The crowd was not diverse at all. It was a 30's-50's crowd in wranglers. However, we left a little before 10pm and as I read below the music switches to make it more club-like. I assume that is when the crowd changes.

First impression, not the best. And judging by the pictures flashed on the projector over the dance floor, even after 10pm it still might not be a place for me.

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by Jessica

Miss Kittys is an awesome place to go and have a good time. Great mix of music and atmosphere. Drinks are kinda pricey but if your lookin to have a good time its the place to be. My opinion better than any bar in Des Moines and its not just a hick bar, its for everybody.

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by Amber

I really like this place, mostly because of the mix of music they play and the big dance floor. If you're looking to go out with your girlfriends and feel like dancing, this is a great place to go. They play mostly country music until around 10 or so, then they switch to pop/hip-hop for the most part. I will agree that the crowd is quite diverse, but that's why i like it. If i wanted to hang out with frat boys all night i'd just go to drink.

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by Sarah

I read the review that was in here and do not know what to think. I will preface this by saying that I am from a small town out 80-90 miles away from Miss Kitty's.

I love going to this bar for all the reasons the other reviewer seemed to not like it. I'm a person that can switch the radio from country music to rock or dance music without a thought. I think the variety of music is great at Miss Kitty's! It's not all country and not all dance music, and I really enjoy being able to dance to the various kinds of music.

I've seen the people vary from cowboys/cowgirls to preppy to about anything in between. I've ran into people I went to school with at Iowa State there, have met people starting their own business, and others that are from visiting from small towns like me. The variety of people you run into there always interests me.

The pictures of the country stars on the wall and the saddle above the dance floor all fit into the country attitude of the bar. The line to the bathroom is sometimes long, but the bathroom is pretty good size. I have drank bottled drinks and mixed drinks and have never received a drink in a plastic cup.

I've been there several times (I will drive the distance just to go there and drive home at 1:30-2 in the morning and have rarely seen more than one cop around the area). I really like that this is NOT a club in which I have been groped and grabbed when trying to dance. I think that has happened one time in all the times I've been there. I have had men politely ask me to dance several times.

If you like variety, this is a good place to go. It is one of my favorite spots and is one that I will go to any time I can.

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by Samuel

If you ever wondered why people from larger cities make fun of us that are from Iowa, this is the place to find out why.

If you live in a small town outside of Des Moines and you happen to dress like a cowboy by choice or by lack of fashion sense, drive a big truck, and always wondered what it would be like to get drunk on the set of "Hee-Haw", then this is the place for you. Also a great place for non-Des Moines residents after a long day at Vets watching the state wrestling tournament because this place will remind you of your local V.F.W. or Elk's Lodge.

The clientele is quite a mix. The younger crowd seems mostly people who moved here from small towns and are worried because they are 21 and still not married yet. My favorite group is the group of people who look like they are the extra's from "Deliverance" meets "Hell's Angel's" that hang out usually by the pool tables. This place also offers great potential for getting in bar fights over topics like "Who's the best NASCAR driver?" or "My Confederate Flag sticker on the back of my truck is bigger than yours". A must see are the massive portraits of country legends Brooks & Dunn, Dolly Parton, George Strait, Garth Brooks, etc... that cover two walls of the bar. They really add that "touch of class" that the bar just wouldn't have without them.

Guys, as for the eye candy it's kinda iffy. Yes, I have seen a lot of hot women there, but there is a lot there that will make you stomach turn and not your head. Most of women are young, and naive and if you can "Boot, Scoot, and Boogie" to some "Achy Breaky Heart" then you are golden. Ladies if your interested in dating guys in the lawn care or construction profession or guys who work in a garage all day, then this is the place for you. Also girls, most of the guys are quite blunt towards showing their attraction towards you. So be prepared to be groped and manhandled a few times while you dance with your friends in a big circle, it's almost worth the $5 dollar cover alone! The lines to the bathrooms, especially the women's is unreal. You might as well get your hand stamped, go down the street to the local Kum & Go or outside somewhere because that will still be faster (and cleaner) than waiting to go in the bar.

The mixed-drinks are usually quite strong which is where the 1.5 stars come from, but they are served in a plastic cup which just tells me that they don't trust there customers with glasses because they know they will just get broken.

Also, be careful when leaving Miss Kitty's if your choose to drink & drive. The cops just swarm all over that area. At 2am your dirt covered pickup truck with the monster wheels and eight people in the truck bed is more than enough to get you pulled over.

So for a good time and that county fair atmosphere, head on down to Miss Kitty's to watch white people embarrass themselves by dancing to rap music poorly and country music exceptionally well.

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Marc K.

Party it up with the Miss Kitty's Supa Crew!

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Marc K.

When Shawn-T tells you to make a request, don't. He only plays it if you have nice curves and a rack. For song requests, ask Kevin or Asian Man!

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I've only been to Miss Kitty's once so I can't write the best review, but I can tell you what I noticed.

You know how some clubs have big spinning crystal balls? Well, Miss Kitty's has a spinning sequined saddle above the dance floor.

As far as music, they play country music, hip hop, and pop club stuff. It's a weird mix, but what's even more weird is the dancing. One song you'll have some "cowboys/girls" line dancing. The next song you'll see the same people trying to dance to Chingy in Wranglers. You'll be amazed. I say, it's definitely worth checking out. I want to get back - at least so I can get some pics and write a better review.

P.S. They have a few pool tables if you get sick of the awesome eye candy.

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