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Thomas H.

Say hi to Ryan, the manager. Most cordial guy ever. Great host.

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Will D.

Muhahaha.... I got my title back.

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Alex S.

Wed night bar staff is more friendly than at Rock Bottom but the food (double cut porkchop) at RB is better. The ribeye was fatty and mushy and the average pricepoint at outback is higher than at RB

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Kate S.

Steve brought Ryan out to meet us! Both managers were wonderfully warm and welcoming, server was very knowledgeable, and food actually looked like the pictures in the menu!

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Adam S.

try the prime rib outback style

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Sarah P.

Yum, going for the blooming onion!

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Angela V.

I am an addict for their cheese fries

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Dennis T.

Ordered the "signature" sirloin, yeah it sucks. It's like meat chewing gum. Piss poor...

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