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by hojo

The food is plentiful, the employees are actually quite enjoyable and eager to serve you, and the bbq is actually pretty good. Not bad for a chain bbq restaurant...I'd eat here before I'd eat at Famous Dave's.

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by A_Des_Moines_Foodie

I eat at this restaurant at least twice a month (I work just down the street), and I cannot figure out what the last reviewer is talking about! Shane's is the best bbq in Des Moines, and while I can't claim to have eaten bbq around the country like they did, I have eaten at every place in Des Moines.

The ribs are awesome, and I always taste the smoke. I don't know if some people are expecting to eat an ashtray, but they are tender, nicely charred with just enough smoke to make it better. I'm also sure they smoke in the store, as you can see the smokers when they open the window behind the counter. The cole slaw is amazing, with a bit of horseraddish and a nice creamy texture. The chopped pork is also great, and I agree with the reviewer on the chicken salad--I've never tasted anything like it before! Their half chicken looks like it's on steroids (much to much to eat at lunch).

The decor is definitely kitschy, but as the parent of a young child, I know he loves going there to look at the wall art, and I like that he can't make a big mess. And the staff is wonderful! On that I agree with the last reviewer.

If you like great BBQ for a great price, eat at Shane's.

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by A and D

Shane's Rib Shack
October 24, 2007

Again, on the strength of the Des Moines Register review, A and D tried this chain rib restaurant for dinner. It is order at the counter, expect and get plastic, pay too much and get too little quality.

Both A and D ordered a half-rack of loin back ribs, cole slaw and fries; no drink. Price $13.00 each, $27.41 total. The complete plates are $17.99 to $18.99. For do-it-yourself at these prices, it had better be good.

The ribs are pre-cooked then smoked for the finish (we asked). Neither portion was cooked completely; the pork was still pink, although moist. These are NOT slow-cooked, all-day smoked ribs; there is no smoke ring in the meat, no true saturated smoke flavor, not even a hint of a crisp crust. This is commercial, faux down-home bar-b-que.

The portions are nice sized. Shane's serves wet ribs. Unfortunately, the liquid that provides the wetness is only vaguely related to good bar-b-que sauce. It is thin, watery,bland and has no depth of flavors in either the original or spicy versions.

The cole slaw is non-descript, unremarkable and virtually devoid of flavor. The little styrofoam cup is quite sad. The french fries are commercial, okay, done in relatively new frying oil. The catsup is commercial and gastly -- clearly a bulk catsup courtesy of Sysco or some other restaurant supply house. The Texas Toast is apparently from Rhode Island.

Plastic utensils. Plastic basket. Plastic food. The decor is faux bar-b-que shack and almost industrial. The smell of bar-b-que outside is a failed promise of what awaits inside. The service, however, was friendly and enthusiastic.

D has eaten at almost every legendary bar-b-que house from Tidewater, Maryland to Memphis to Kansas City to Texas where $13-$19 buys you REAL ribs with honest flavors from actual all-day smoking and served with "Secret Sauce" to die for. Shane's merely pretends to be a rib joint.

A and D understand this is a franchise; it is not authentic bar-b-que. But, if you are going to charge the prices, then you must deliver the goods. This one doesn't

If you want commercial, franchise ribs, go to Famous Dave's; the flavors are better and the ribs are a whole LOT better. If you want well-done, flavorful dry-rub ribs, go to Robin's Wood-Oven Grill across from Southridge Mall. These are pretty good dry ribs and the restaurant does a good job. You even get real silverware and dishes.

As yet, Des Moines is not a wet bar-b-que ribs town.

Food: 2 stars (1 for portion size; 1 for quality)
Restaurant setting: 2 stars
Service: Do-it-Yourself
Recommended: No
Value: Low

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by chris07gtcs

Good but not great. Franchise stuff with a lot to be desired. I knew going in that the ribs were not smoked. Any doubt, Just look at their site. Truth is, you get a lot of food for the money. Try the Brunswick stew. It was good, But came slightly cold.
As for the ribs? If you like Chili's ribs, you will love these. No smoke, But a nice charred flavor.
Will I go back?
Yes. A good value for the money. Quiet and accesible on a Saturday. By the way, my wife really liked the smoked chicken salad sandwich. Oh, The sauce is a vinegar based southern type of something that I found to be very suitable. I liked it. Skip the baked beans though. Busch's is cheaper by the can at home.

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by The Chad

I decided to visit Sunday night after reading the positive review on here. I didn't expect it to be "order like Mustards," "food is across between Hickory Park in Ames and Famous Daves." I love BBQ and really like the prices. The commercials don't lie, and this place is very tasty!!! Great service as we got our meals in fast food speeds. Great price both of us ate for $16.24 including everything! Nice to have a decent price bbq in my neck of the woods.

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by kathleendsm

Shane's Rib Shack is the best BBQ in Des Moines! I went there about a week after they opened, and it was awesome. The Big Dad sandwich is pulled pork on really buttery Texas Toast (it's really filling!), and the ribs are GREAT. They have just the right amount of sauce, not too much so you don't taste the meat, but enough so that it's really flavorful. The prices are great too, less expensive than any of the other places we have been, which is great because we can eat there more often. The staff was really friendly too, they even got me a drink refill, which has never happened to me at a fast casual place.

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Robert S.

Shack Sampler is the best.

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Dan J.

Try their half rack - and Brunswick Stew for a side. Tough to beat it.

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Jim H.

Smothered pork sandwich is always a win

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Rick F.

Shack Sampler with brisket instead of pork. And Brunswick Stew on the side. A little slice of heaven.

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James S.

I'm partial to the Big Dad

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