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by ibcheerful

I visited Alba last night with a party of 7. We made reservations in advance. The restaraunt was very acommodating , seating us in a private area that could have easily sat 10.

I was pretty impressed with the extensive drink menu complete with tons of wine, a cocktail and martini section and list of beers. I selected a nice 312, but they had beers ranging from PBR to a few microbrews.

It took me some time to ponder my dinner selection. There were lots of vegetarian options and fish choices, neither of interest to me. I was looking for meat and potatoes and the only obvious choice was the pork loin duo. It was 2 pork loin medallions served with a side of chorizo potatoes topped with apple shavings in a tasty sauce. The pork was just eh, but the chorizo was delish!

Also, I do have to note that the server asked me how I wanted my pork prepared. I have to say that question was totally unexpected as it was related to pork. My response "cooked." He was looking for "medium well, well, etc." Odd.

The service wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. The drinks were served timely and our dinner was as well. The server monitored our drinks and was always asking for our next drink order.

I might go there again. But I probably wouldn't unless I was invited again by friends.

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by NicoleK

I've had drinks and dessert here before and thought both were very excellent. The atmosphere is really modern and interesting.

This weekend I actually had a full dinner. I went for the chive potato gnocchi without meat (which they were fine accommodating my vegetarian diet), I also had the butter lettuce salad with buttermilk dressing. Everything was extremely tasty and high quality. I guess the only thing that bumped them down from 5 to 4 was when my husband told me the total bill amount. It was a little more pricey than I was expecting. And our service was just ok, attentive, but not very engaging.

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abra p.

Best martinis and chocolate lava cake in town...the food is pretty great too!

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Teva D.

Great food for a vegetarian.

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Try the hanger steak! EXCELLENT.

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Brian S.

Half price bottles of wine on Wednesdays.

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Kelly W.

Great food, great wine, great service!!! This is a perfect place for happy hour in the bar with girlfriends, or a romantic dinner for two!!

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