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by A-Rog

What a pleasant surprise! Who knew Des Moines had such an outstanding collection of art in such a unique building on such beautiful grounds. From now on, no more "suches," I promise.

My wife and I went to the Art Center as art lovers with the attitude, "well, it's here, so we might as well see how cruddy it is." Fortunately, my previously negative attitude about Des Moines in general has been turned on its head often. (Can you turn an attitude on its head or am I mixing metaphors?) Our visit to the Art Center was one of these times.

If you want paintings by old masters, of course, you will have to go to Chicago or Rome. If, like me, new masters are what you dig, the Art Center has a very nice collection. It has works from some well known Impressionists, which I enjoyed very much. It also has many works that are more contemporary, and these are very good also. As for the building, I forget if it is Frank Gehry or I.M. Pei, but whoever did it, they did a spectacular job--it is very cool.

Check out the Art Center the first chance you get. Hopefully, low expectations are not necessary for an outstanding visit.

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Romelle S.

There is always something to do here at the Art Center. You can view the art, take art classes, have lunch, or plan a wedding in the main lobby or out in Greenwood Park.

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Adam P.

Must see Francis Bacon's painting called "Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X" it home is here. Don't forget to notice the architecture. Look for I.M. Pei's signature in the windows.

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Phil J.

World renowned art, a great lunch cafe and my honey works there.

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Jeff Z.

Head around Back to see 3 cairns by andy goldsworthy. My favorite sculpture in dsm!

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The focus is on contemporary art at this Midwest museum, which features works by Jasper Johns, Edward Hopper and Georgia O'Keeffe, among others.

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Lindsey S.

Visit regularly. It truly is a new experience every time. (and it's free!)

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Shellie S.

Check out new shows or visit favorites like the Anselm Kiefer

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Karissa M.

Ranks among the great art museums in the country, in my mind!

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Phil J.

World renowned artists, a great cafe and my honey works there.

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@dmartcenter on Twitter

Looking for something to do today? Take a stroll through our galleries. We're open until 4 pm & have FREE museum admission. #desmoines #