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by kari

The Embassy Club is simply amazing.
Where else has the most incredible view of the entire Des Moines area, unbelievably delicious food, and service that can not be compared to?
There was no rushing dinner.. we could have sat and enjoyed the beautiful view of the lit up Capitol all nite.
I'm sure that I have not had better salmon any place else. But the infamous salmon has nothing on the warm spinach salad to begin the meal... heaven.
Our glasses were never empty.. with four people (including the restaurant manager) checking on our table throughout the nite.
And let's not forget the entertainment. Live music playing old Sinatra... why don't they just ask me to stay all nite?
... It's just too bad the master minds of this genius website don't have a membership to such an incredible place to wine and dine their women...

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Become a member (or know a member) and have an opportunity to see Des Moines from the top floor of 801 grand. Take the elevator up to the 41st floor for a great view of the city and an excellent dining experience. You have a choice to either eat in the dining room or the grille. I've only eaten in the dining room and it was excellent; be sure to put on a suit jacket though - I believe they're required in the dining room.

Once there you'll find a dimly lit room, with live background music (piano and flute during our visit), and an amazing view. The dining room faces the east side of Des Moines, therefore I guess that the grille faces the west side. At your table you'll find a delicious, small, and artistic appetizer waiting for you on your plate. Then comes your meal...

Recommended items are the warm spinach salad, and the steak and lobster dinner. The spinach salad was delicious and comes with a very good popover roll. The steak was cooked perfectly and the lobster tail was huge.

The prices weren't as bad as I imagined (unless you add on the montly membership fee of course), but be sure you're aware that they add gratuity into your bill. With gratuity, 2 meals, and 4 glasses of wine our bill came to $134. If you feel your service was outstanding (which it seriously is), you can always add more gratuity. Also note that the ladies' menus don't have the prices in them, hehe.

Bottom line: If you have an opportunity to dine at the embassy club and a few bucks to spend, take advantage of it. It's a great experience.

A night view of the Des Moines Capitol building from the Embassy Club on top of 801 Grand A north eastern view of the city from the top of 801 grand. Part of the dining room

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