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by Samuel

I don't really understand what is going on in this place the four times I have been there. I swear to god they must be paying off the police because whenever I go to Envy the bar patrons look like they are all in high school. How some of people could be 21 is beyond me. The major tip off was the fact the almost everyone there was wearing "Hollister" clothing. Nobody over the age of 21 wears that stuff.

But beside the fact that you feel like you are chaperoning a high school dance when you are there, the atmosphere is nice, the music is good, and it's an attractive crowd. But you in hindsight you could probably to jail for sleeping with half of the patrons there since they are 17.

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by Jerry

First of all, Envy is *not* where girls become women, that is not the bar's slogan, it has been taken down everywhere but the main sign (which they are working on).
Although I am biased, this being my 'home' bar I also like going out west from time to time. But Envy is different, it has a whole different atmosphere compared to other clubs. I have yet to see a bar in Des Moines designed like Envy, whether you're upstairs looking down at the dance floor from the couches, playing pool, sitting at one of the tables, dancing on the catwalk over the dancefloor, dancing on the pole or swinging above the bar it's a great time! Check out www.envydm.com for more information, pictures are updated weekly from the club too.

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The entrance to Club Envy