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by Derek Brooks

You don't find a thick crust gourmet pizza that often, but you'll find it here!

I'm not the hugest thick crust pizza fan, but this place does it great. Not greasy, excellent slices of pizza.

When you come here for lunch, you probably don't need 2 slices. Just order 1 for starters (and maybe throw in a side salad)... Then, if you're somehow still hungry, go back in for a second.

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by NicoleK

I enjoyed the slice/salad (potato rosemary pizza and champagne vinaigrette side salad) with a Peace Tree (Knoxville based brewery) root beer. The entire lunch was delicious. And it was the perfect portion.

Location is right near the sculpture park, which was convenient for those on the west side of downtown.

I was not jazzed about the picnic bench seating inside, it was cramped and I don't enjoy bumping elbows with strangers. Also, they are only open M-F (11am to 2pm), which is unfortunate, but understandable.

If you are looking for simple, tasty pizza on homemade focaccia dough, then I highly suggest Flour. Just try to avoid the busy lunch hours.

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Travis H.

Great new restaurant. Pizza is Excellent!

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Tim D.

oh, yeah, I wondered what that place would be. Its between jimmy johns and the bbq place on 13TH and locust. What are the hours?

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Fun pizza specials today: figs/sausage/alfredo, potato/pesto, and veggie supreme! Also, pesto/ham/brie sugar breads all week...

What a great day for pizza! Come enjoy a warm cheesy slice of your favorite pie today...or a gooey oozy calzone? Why not! 11-2pm.