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by Reid

To date, the Garden is the only club that consistently plays good electronica. As a married, straight man I have never felt uncomfortable coming here. Saturday nights are the only nights worth going if you like to dance. Most other nights only the lower bar is open (with no dance floor). As it can get quite warm, there is a patio as well that you can cool off at in the summer. Its the best thing Des Moines has so far.

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by Mikey

Des Moines' best impression of a big city gay club. Definitely has the best DJs in central Iowa, in my opinion. Still, the crowd leaves something to be desired..

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by Straight Male

Ok, so the Garden is a gay bar and maybe the gay population in Des Moines would like to keep it that way, but honestly, if straight with an open mind, the Garden provides by far the best club music, dancing, and scene in all of Des Moines, probably all of Iowa. If you're straight, check it out on a Saturday night, if you're not, any night will do. Have fun cause that's what it's all about!

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Dena B.

Tosha, Patty, Adam and Rusty are amazing bartenders!!! Ask Tosha for a D-Bag drink. It's nice and fruity, just like you!

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Miranda A.

Rusty is a great bartender! So is Tasha :) Miranda is a great guest. Say hello :D

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Jason H.

If your chubby don't hang on the cage bars. You might fall on your ass like the girl we saw. She pulled the bar right out of the wall.

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Wednesday bogo bombs wahoo

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@GardenNightClub on Twitter

Saturday night......our dedicated patrons waiting in the rain to get in. It was 1 in-1 out at this point.

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