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by Nick L

Checked this place out with a couple friends last night, and wow, I will definitely be going back. The sushi was amazing, the service was good and I really enjoyed myself. We sat at a hightop behind the sushi bar, and had a great view of the chefs working.

One more awesome thing: one of my friends was watching the chef make some squid salad, and she asked him what it was. He explained it to her, and when our rolls came out, he gave her a little plate of it to try. Gotta love little things like that, thats how places become and stay favorites.

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by lucky13drea

The Jalapeno Shrimp eggrolls for appetizers were amazing! Love you long time and The Miami Heat were great combonations and the Spicy Tuna was a great classic! Can't wait to go back and try some more! Nice environment, great waitresses and great chef!

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by Xing

This is my first time be in this place. Went there with my friend, we ordered four special rolls and one order Nigiri. First, they over priced their rolls, one special roll we paid for over $13 and came out like a $5-$6 hand roll I ordered in other place. Second, the waitress disappeared after our food came out. Third, our Nigiri didn't show up until we finished our food, then we asked another waitress(which we couldn't find the the other one), she said that they out the yellowtail. Okay they even didn't bother to tell us about it...but we be billed for the Nigiri that they were out...When I pointed out that they billed me wrong, the waitress didn't apologize for anything, and unhappily said:ok.
Very disappointed about the food and the service. never will go back there. Also good luck about parking in that area

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by becky

I don't like sushi at all. However, I went to this place a month ago and am DYING to go back. The edamame and california rolls were fantastic. Super flavorful. Presentation was beautiful as well. I also like the location (in the Drake neighborhood) and the size (quaint, cozy).

The service was ok. The server kept knocking Waterfront which I didn't care to hear about. She also really messed up my bill. Which the end price was what I expected so it was fine. She charged triple for the food, but didn't charge for the drinks. I like my bill to be right. Other than that, service was good.

I'll be going back... soon!

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by Derek Brooks

First of all, this place is ran by La Tran (the guy who is responsible for reviving Des Moines sushi in the mid 90s). La spent years at Waterfront as the head sushi chef and has trained chefs working at nearly all of Des Moines' sushi bars.

La consistently makes high quality rolls and takes great pride in doing so. He is without a doubt my favorite sushi chef in the area.

Go to Hoshi, sit at the sushi bar, eat amazing sushi, and have a great time. Trust me.

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Find some of the best sushi in Des Moines when Hoshi represents at the DSM: SUSHIBOMB!

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Urban Card Member Incentive: Buy one get one half off offer applies ONLY to sushi and does NOT apply to the dinner menu!

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Ellen H.

I absolutely LOVE this place. The presentation is amazing, and the sushi is even better. Ask La to just make you something!

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