Jazzy Willy's

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by aeon grey

Where it is new year's everday.. and the hiphop music never seems to cease. Granted the quality of the local rap scene might lack, spend enough time there and some tolerable groups are bound to appear. The bar finally went back to glasses and bottles. so it doesn't seem like a highschool keg party anymore...

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by nathan

This place is a small unurban hip hop dive. Everyday is a holiday there due to the holiday decorations always being up. This might help so they don't miss holidays ever. However, if you want to see and hear some of Des Moines best in undergroud hip hop, go here, but come early because parking is limited...to 13 Escorts or 4 Navigators.

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Jazzy Willy's is a small dive right by Merle Hay mall. Judging by the name and decor, we're guessing the place was some kind of old Jazz hall from the early 80s (probably owned by a guy named Willy). But now, you're more likely to see local hip hop DJs, freestyle rap, and hip hop shows. Even with a hip hop crowd, don't expect the place to be urban in any way. They never take down holiday decorations; you'll see decor from new years, Christmas, 4th of July, etc. Seriously, the place has low ceilings, garland, tinsel, crystal balls, and Christmas lights. On top of that, don't expect the best in accomodations. The parking lot can hold about 10 cars, the place is really smokey, and there is usually only 1 bartender who's one of the slowest bartenders we've seen.

However, if you hear of any local hip hop groups performing there, definitely check it out. It's a good time.