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by Bret

If you're accustomed to frequenting the chain restaurants in West Des Moines, La Pizza House may not be the place for you. What it lacks in ambiance it makes up for in good cheap food. It's been around for like 55 years under the same ownership and that definitely says something. Head down to the south side and give it a try!

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by Bob

Hot water and soap are key to cleaniness and this restaurant has both on the day we visited-this was the highlight.

We started our meal with La Pizza House onion rings and mozzerla sticks. Do not fear the cheeto-like hue of these rings eat as many as possible as it will not get better. Do not look at the back kitchen where they come from or you may run.

We ordered a side salad, pepporoni pizza (we were told to avoid the sasusage as it was raw the last time a friend was there) and the kids ordered chicken strips and spahaggethi.

While you are waiting for your food there is much too enjoy.
Having your whole body and soul bathed in smoke is the starter-here.

Wathcing the help is also highly amusing-the waiteress sat on a bench in fronr the bar smoking, smoking and smoking. The also visited with the two elderly people behind the bar who were also smoking.

Then there is the fellow deliving ice. He is a hard worker_I will give him that much...

The food-run. I can just agree with the last review run like a stray dog who is going to get beat.

The kids pasta-well my 7 y/o said it is gross. Her kind mother said just eat the pasta or something like that and she said but mom it is gross.

Side sald-The sliced radish on top was wonderful...crunchy, red and not too hot. The dressing-DANGER DANGER. The blue cheese dressing had a brown caste to hit (it might have been the smoke cloud) and was hiding the lettuce which needed a quick look to ensure it was clean. In short, ask if we anyone else would like a bit of salad-you will appear friendly and sharing.

The pizza-yep gross again. Here is their recipe-pizza crust in the shape of a liver add tomata paste wiht a bit of pepper, 5 cans of sliced mushrooms (fish those out-it is almost eldible) and 4 peprononis and some cheese of some type.

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by AmandaLynn0220

Dirty, dirty, dirty. I don't care how good their food might be (but isn't) this place is too gross to return again. My parents love it and they used to drag me along when I was a kid. The scurviness even bothered me then! I'm glad I don't have to go back. It's that scuzzy. The onion rings are good, I'll give them that.

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by NicoleK

This is my favorite pizza hands down. I also love their Italian dressing for salads and they are known for some of the best onion rings in town. With that said if you are looking for a sparkling, fancy atmosphere you might want to go somewhere else. La Pizza House is what I would call an old fashion Pizza Dive. The interior hasn’t changed since at least the 70’s. It’s a little rough, dark and service can be iffy. In fact one time I had someone serve me with a cigarette hanging from their mouth. Not the most appetizing. However, I grew up going to this place so the “oddities” don’t really bother me anymore, but it may bother others…order out in that case.

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Try the onion rings to die for

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Best Onion Rings in Town!

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Richard R.

Good to see this great place back really missed it

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Stephen R.

Best italian salad dressing....ever!

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