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by Angela

We went to Shorty's on 12/27/2010 and when we first sat down at the bar, the bartender was playing darts. After his turn he came over and asked what we'd have. I asked for a menu and was told "You have your choice of a cheeseburger, chicken sandwich, fish & chips, or ploughman's lunch." What about their menu that's on their website??? What about all the "Irish Traditions" I was looking forward to???

I got the chicken sandwich (which isn't even on the online menu)! It was plain & came with skinny fries for $9.00. The fish & chips my boyfriend got were plain as well...2 filets & skinny fries, also for $9.00.

There were 2 small tv's that were off and no music, to which we later found out when another customer asked, were off due to the satellite being frozen.

Not sure why, but it also smelled pretty funky in there as well and in the wine shop next door I noticed a dehumidifier.

I do have to say, the bartender was friendly, but could have at least explained why there was such a limited menu and no tv or music when we got there. We never did find out why there wasn't a full menu like they advertise online.

In addition to the bad service & lacking of menu items at Fong's, Full Court Press has once again failed me.

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Zachary B.

I heard there is a door here that leads to Narnia. #Ateam

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Order pizza from Shorty's at the bar. It's actually from Fong's.

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Chris T.

Nice little hide-away bar! Good place to go "below the radar".

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Below Sbrocco

The back-alley entrance to Shorty's Shorty's Sign Tappers at Shorty's

@ShortysBar on Twitter

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