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by JeffWingert

I gave bandit burrito a three star rating for several reasons. The restaurant itself is very nice. The building is new and has a nice décor. The service I received while visiting the restaurant was outstanding. I walked in the door and before I approached the counter the “chef” was already helping me. I told him that I had never been to bandit burrito before so he had me sample some of the gourmet ingredients from behind the counter. While this was an awesome gesture I honestly didn’t taste anything that knocked my socks off. I was able to sample some watermelon salsa that I felt was pretty bland. It tasted like spicy, crunchy, water.
I ordered a shredded beef burrito on a jalapeño cheddar tortilla with black beans, cheese, peppers and onions. I was really excited about the different flavors of tortilla until I actually had the opportunity to eat my burrito. The flavor of my burrito was really bland. The tortilla itself really didn’t do anything for the taste of my burrito. I ordered this burrito for the simple reason that it’s very similar to the burrito I order from Panchero’s. The Panchero’s version of this burrito is better, way better. While Bandit Burrito has a fantastic array of ingredients and food options I wasn’t impressed with my selection. I will take some responsibility as to how my burrito tasted simply because I created it. I do have to say that I expected more taste with the “gourmet” ingredients.
Outstanding service and the friendly atmosphere has me feeling like I need to give this place a second chance. If I have a better experience the second go round I will leave a better review.

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Justin C.

I usually enjoy the jalapeño cheddar with beef an queso cheese!!!

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Justin B.

Make sure to ad some guac! It's unreal

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Gregory H.

Chicken mole is amazing.

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Bandit B.

Start it all by picking out a tortilla. Hot Stuff is in one place down at the end and everything is included in the price but queso, sour cream an guacamole. Custom made for you!

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Nick H.

I completely co-sign for the deliciousness of the guac. Wow.

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Jeff F.

Mmmmm. Smokey Pepper sourcream

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The supreme nachos are amazing!

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Doug M.

Make sure to ask about the sour cream options too. I get the lime sour cream. Awesome!

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April H.

I think Bandit Burrito is on 2 something good here

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Alex B.

Guac recommendation number 3. You gotta get it! They put a substantial amount on, unlike those *other* burrito places.

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Morgan M.

Try the chicken mole (mole-ay). The Colorado pork is amazing too!

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Alex L.

Panchwho's? Quewhat? Chipotwhere?.......They dont have anything on Bandit Burrito! By far the best burrito joint in the midwest. Amazing hot sauce selection to add extra zing to your burrito.

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Christine P.

Saturday is enchilada night - don't miss it!

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Robert M.

For the vegetarian options, talk it out with the burrito makers before you pick out the tortilla.

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@BanditBurrito on Twitter

Finishing off bacon for breakfast. Stop in for lunch and try our special for the day, sauteed zucchini and summer squash! Great on any dish!

I love it when the burrito van comes back from a catering weekend smelling like a camp fire.

Four sausage Breakfast Burritos left. Then it is bacon time. Sounds like a funny kind of party.