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by Phil Ryan

I called ahead for an order of wings. They sais I had to come in to place my order. I called at 9 pm. Was there at 9:20 PM. They said the fryer was down since the afternoon.

They said I didnt call earlier. Asked to speak to manager and he said I must of called the wrong place. Showed him my cell and he said get out I was lying.

Classless jerks here. Dont go.

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by Annoyed Customer

In all the years I have been going out to eat I have never been compelled to complain about a restaurant until today when I ate Legends in Johnston, IA. Myself and two coworkers went there over our lunch hour (1 in the afternoon) and were seated and ordered our food promptly. After 45 minutes of waiting I finally had to approach the waitress and ask her where our food was as she was playing on her cell phone. She said yeah hold on and finally brought our food out to us. We had to have our food boxed up to go...which defeats the purpose of even having lunch or lack there of.

When I asked to speak with the manager who was on duty and we expressed our concerns to him. He was very rude and his best explanation was they were busy with two parties but could not explain to us how the table of 7 sitting next to us not only came in after us, they were brought their appetizers and food before us. When we told him we would no longer be doing business with Legends he said “That’s fine” and walked away.

Legends has lost my business and also my two coworkers for being so unprofessional. And with that said the waitresses along with the hostess may also like to do their job verse walk around and play on their cell phones!!!

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by G-Mahon

Customers are supposed to be right.
Customers are supposed to be treated nicely.

You will find none of these here.
If you travel and want to be treated with respect and not like some bum off the street, then do not go here.

I travel a lot and I do not like being treated like some common piece of trash.
The employees here are not pleasant. They are not respectful. They are not accommodating.
Clearly these issues steam from the management level. Management is responsible for hiring the staff to 'serve' the customers.

From how the staff behaves, it is obvious that management does not hire to meet the needs of the customer, they are hire solely based on who is the cheapest employee with the poorest attitudes.

Yes, the economy is tough and restaurants need to save money. But how do you get return customers? Do you treat them poorly? Is this the best way to gain loyal customers? No. This path only leads to negative opinions.
Treating customers badly is always a no-no. This only alienates customers.

I do not recommend this establishment for dinning or drinks.

I work hard for my money and I will spend it at another establishment that wants my money and wants to earn my repeat business. I do not wish to spend my income ‘restaurant’ that simply wants my money while treating me like dirt.

I will tell all of my friends and business associates who travel to Des Moines to avoid Legends at all costs.

It is not worth the humiliation.

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by Foodcents

We find this restaurant to be inconsistent. We've had some OK meals here but have also been disappointed. Prices also seem a little high for the food quality. Unfortunately the last time we visited after seeing a movie in Johnston, I had a very disappointing reuben and my wife got sick from a bad hamburger. It may have been a bad night but we won't return anytime soon.

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by Justin Ferguson

I recently visited the Downtown location on Court Ave. It was fantastic. I was in a party of 5, we went on a Friday night, had a 35min wait that actually ended up being only 20min. Once sat our waitress was friendly, energetic and did a great job suggesting things (she suggested the Big Kahuna that was on special and it was a good choice!). Our food was great, there were TVs everywhere you looked, and the meal was reasonably priced. This is a great place to go if you looking for an upbeat fun place to eat or watch a game! Beats Applebee's and Okoboji Grill hands down!!

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by CA

This place is poorly run and it SCREAMS unprofessional. Kids at the front door, inexperienced waitstaff, and horrible management. I over heard the owner going on and on about his new house and how much he paid for it! Can you believe it? How innapropriate and disrespectful to dine in someone's restaurant and hear about how his consumer's money is making him rich! I will never go back!

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by mp

Why do sports bars seem to revel in the same mediocrity? Legends was a joke like most other ill-run sports bars are. The service was horrible. The servers were obviously poorly trained and unmotivated. The mentality of the staff as a whole (manager included) was 7th grade level at best. The food was average-but who can screw up a burger and nachos? I will never go back to Legends and I will tell all my friends to beware.

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by Tricia

I have been to Ledgens many times and always had great food and service.I have got to know some of the managers and cant believe some of the things said in these reviews.I also love how they have new specials all the time.The food is always quality and you get lots of it.

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by Thomas

I recently attended the Legends in Johnston, after a tip from a friend. Everything was really great. I had a full rack of baby back ribs, which fell right off the bone and were glazed in a succulent barbecue sauce. The garlic mashed potatoes were just perfect with it, as was the dinner salad with blue cheese dressing. The prices were just a tad high for my taste (which kept me from giving the place 5 stars). But the service was fast and friendly, and the place was very clean. The atmosphere was sporty and upbeat--definitely a fun place to hang out and watch the big game. I shall certainly return there with my friends, especially with March Madness just around the corner.

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by Lisa Thomas

We have eaten @ the Legends in Pleasant Hill before, and were excited to take some friends to the one in Johnston for a birthday dinner. We were not given silverware on the table when we were seated, our server took our order for beverages (4 iced teas) and took quite awhile to bring those back to us. We then ordered our meal & and appetizer. About 30 min later, he came back to see if we were ready to order yet, we said that we had already placed our order. We had to ask for refills on our iced teas, which he poured on my husband's arm. A different server brought our food out to us, with the appetizer @ the same time. We had to ask a bus boy for silverware so we could eat our food. Our server apologized and said he was new, and he would discount our ticket, which he took off the iced teas.
The couple at the table across from us was experiencing the same problems with the server. Their order was not right when they received it. When we were leaving they were talking to the young female manager on duty telling her about their unpleasant experience, and we added our comments to theirs.
I would not suggest eating at this Legends if you are wanting a timely meal with good service. Food was acceptable if you don't mind a 45-50 min wait for it when the restaurant is not busy.

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by Alison Garcia

My son, his wife and 2 children eat at this Grill every Sunday night. On September 23, he took me (his mother from Okoboji, IA) and his sister (from Las Vegas, NV) there to eat. FORTY-FIVE minutes after ordering, our meal arrived--COLD. The tortilla soup was congealed; the fries and onion rings had congealed grease; the chicken and hamburger sandwiches were COLD, the deep fried ravioli was cold and my daughter who had ordered the special of the day (Chili) was told they were out. Whe we asked to speak to the Manager, we were rudely told that we couldn't be advised there was no chili until we were served as they just ran out. There was no apology from the manager. My daughter then ordered ribs--and waited at least 15 minutes to be served. My daughter had ordered onion rings and that was the only cost deducted. This young lady (manager) needs some courses in how to deal with the public and courses in management and people skills. My daughter and I will never eat at another Legends again and my son and family plan to go across the street and eat at the Okoboji Grill in the future.

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by brandon gregory

Legend's is your standard big commercial bar and grill. The menu is typical, if you like Okoboji you'll find something you like. The place is big and clean and the drinks are normally priced. The only reason this place did not get more stars is the service. We had one server who downed a jager bomb my friend ordered after it was made wrong. That would be cool at a hole in the wall pub, but it was about 5 pm and this kid was pbly about 17 and there were families with little kids all around.

Outside of the shaky service it's an alright place to get a decent meal and meet with friends.

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All-you-can-eat Ribs Monday night $11.99? Yes please!

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Get the spinach artichoke dip and prepare to be amazed.

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Tony B.

I'd pass on the nachos if I were you. Very disappointed.

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I love the Legends fries.

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the BBQ chicken melt is fantastic

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Ask your server to wash their hands. Seriously.