Cottontail Lounge

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by ibcheerful

The Cottontail Lounge is tucked away in a barn shaped building off Douglas (kind of behind El Rodeo).

My girlfriend and I went to check this place out because we thought it'd be hilarious.

We were surprised to see that the crowd was nothing like what we anticipated. We expected middle aged to older folks, but there were actually a couple 20 somethings in there. But total we were 2 of 8 people max in the whole bar.

We asked the bartender what their specialty is. Apparently, they don't really have one; however, she recommended a "Red Headed Slut" as a drink vs. shot. My friend played along and drank the drink. I had a "Colorado Bulldog" which the bartender didn't know how to make, but when I told her the ingredients she did fine.

The place was pretty chill. I would definitely go back and take all of my friends with because it would essentially be a free private party. You'd have the run of the jukebox, shuffle board and quick service.

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