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by NicoleK

Here is a place that is absolutely perfect for lunch. It is much more than a simple deli.

The soups are yummy and hearty, the sandwiches are wonderful and they have a lot of specialty ones to choose from including The Marshall Field (Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Cheddar, Lettuce, Tomato and 1000 Island Dressing on Marble). Don’t get me started on the perfect side salads; in fact their side salads are so good they let you choose 3 as a meal itself. Then for desert, you must indulge on a Palmer’s Brownie, it is heaven, but you can’t go wrong with any other sweet treat, everything is good.

The reason I gave it 4 ½ stars instead of 5 was the prices are slightly high, it is nothing to spend $8-10 on yourself, but even so it is still worth it.

And if I had to choose a clique motto for them it would be "Everything is Good". So next time it is nearing lunch time the decision is made, go to Palmers, you won’t be disappointed.

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Angela T.

It's a must to order one of their brownies. Absolutely delicious!

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Primary Health Care

We love Palmers! They are a friend to PHC and we love to have our staff meetings here.

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Palmer's is a nice little place with some great sandwiches. If it's your first visit though, you might be a little confused. The place is setup in different stations, which include: salads, soups, sandwiches, sides, and desserts. There isn't always necessarily one line that goes through them either. There could potentially be a line at each station - and they're fairly close together. But once you've figured out how to get all your food, you pay, get a drink and enjoy the meal.

The staff is very friendly. I think that they make it a point to remember their customers as well. They also never go light on the sandwich contents. The gourmet desserts are also great; they have all kinds of cookies, cakes, and rice krispies.

There are generally a lot of old people at Palmer's, particulary women. The building's accoustics aren't that great either; it gets pretty loud fairly easily (complimented by all the old woman gossip). There are several things besides food to buy as well, such as dishes, small crafts, and random knick knacks.

All in all, the food is great and the staff is very friendly, just be ready to be younger than most people there.

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Live @ Ingersoll Wed 5:30-7:30! Eddie Arndorfer, plays acoustic guitar/piano + sings songs from John Mayer to Frank Sinatra. Happy Hour too!

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Saturday breakfasts at Palmer's Ingersoll. A great way to start the day! Stop by before heading to the Principal Classic!

Everyday Happy Hour at Palmer's Ingersoll! 4pm-7pm Imported/domestic wine + beer. Come for drinks, stay for dinner!

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