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by Michael

there are a couple Sarpinos in the greater DSM area, but this one (the original) is by far the best.

Great specialty pizzas, killer calzones, and above all, AMAZING people and service. The owners seem to always be in the store, and they are always friendly and welcoming. Makes for a great experience, even if you are just picking up your food to go, as there really isnt alot of seating.

This might be some of the best pizza in town. I know the die hards will claim Noahs and Michaels, etc, but you should do yourself a favour and check this place out.

The New York Deli is their take on a "meat lovers" and it is amazing!!!!!

They have over 28 toppings to choose from, so you could basically make any pizza you want. And they will go out of their way to do whatever you want, to make you happy.

My family has often used Sarpinos for delivery and we are always happy. They don't get to the door in 20 minutes like Dominos, but then again, their Pizza is FAR superior to that cardboard crap that other places try to pass off as pizza. It seems to take about half hour to 45 minutes to get your pizza to your house, but it will taste amazing, and the delivery person will always be friendly, outgoing and super nice. I have had the same delivery boy for the last year or two, and he always has a kind word for my kids and always plays with our dog, and relates stories of his little puppy.

This is a great place for take out or delivery. It needs to be said that the location is a little hard to find, but if you go there, just aim for the nice red green and white side closer to the Hickman side of the cobblestone market.

This is the only Sarpinos i will go to, as the western suburb stores arent run very well, with rude employees and food that doesnt match up to the standard that the Urbandale store has set.

I thought big tomato had pizza locked down in DSM, but Sarpinos has blown them out of the water.

I cannot reccomend this restaurant enough. Go there now! You WILL NOT be sorry!!!

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by Jim Polk

Great product - the pizzas themselves are high quality and cost high quality prices... and are worth it.

They use a lot of cheese and the sauce is first rate. The regular crust is the best. Leftovers are almost as good as the original after a minute in the microwave.

This is not a restaurant - they have 8 stools and a couple of tables. This is a carry-out and delivery place.

It's in a strip mall at 86th and Hickman (by the Comedy Club thing). It's difficult to get there because of awkward turns out of the parking lot. If this place was in an old building with eating space somewhere in Urbandale or the West edge of Des Moines, they would be much more successful.

The product is great, the service is great, the prices are fair, they have no seating, and it's difficult to get there. Call for delivery - that's the smartest option... and that's it in a nutshell.

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