Tasty Tacos

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by Derek Brooks

Tasty tacos is one of those places that people absolutely love in Des Moines. I don't get it.

The tacos are served in deep fried flour shells with ground beef and that plastic yellow cheese.

Every time I've eaten here, I've enjoyed the novelty, but have felt like hell immediately afterwards.

If you're into food that's both terrible and kind of awesome at the same time, you should check out tasty tacos at least once. Nada es imposible!

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Tips for Tasty Tacos from foursquare users

Ty K.

Get the Original Flour Taco. Best is town by far!!

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Mike H.

Best taco's around, don't forget the hot sauce!

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Erin L.

Don't forget the choco-taco

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Kelsey C.

Best tacos ever! A must eat place if you are ever in Des Moines, IA. I love their tots too ;-)

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Brian R.

A Des Moines institution. A must stop for great food fast. Their original flour tacos are amazing and their sauce is a little spicy. I have never had a bad meal.

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Derek P.

Fried soft-shell tacos + freshly grated cheese + homemade salsa = fan-freaking-tastic!

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Andrew S.

Eat here while you're drunk

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Bryan B.

Get a chicken enchilada! Just do it!

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Mari T.

It's all great, but the flour tacos are unbeatable and the taco salad is divine.

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Allie W.

Best taco shells ever.

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Bradley R.

They now have pork!

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Ross E.

There is no substitute

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