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by LouLou


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by S

Stopped by for lunch today. We were warmly greeted and the cashier was really nice about answering our questions. Both the beef brisket and pulled pork sandwiches were excellent. All three bbq sauces are great! The pickle patch is a really nice touch. Only thing I could ask for would be chicken sandwich option. We're going back on Monday for "rib night".

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by BusyMom

We loved this place! We went in as a group of 5 adults and 5 children so we were pleased to see a very family oriented atmosphere. There is a huge menu on the wall which immediately caught our attention. The hardest part was deciding what to order. In addition to the normal choices at a BBQ restuarant there were a large variety of homemade sides and desserts offered. Very friendly staff greeted us and suggested the specials they had for that day. Some of these were items I had never had before but was enticed to try, such as fried okra, cheesy onions fries, cornbread casserole, pecan pumpkin pie, chocolate banana bread pudding and sugar biscuits. Although our 5 children in tow had a hard time making a decision, the staff was very patient. Members of our group vary widely in dining tastes but we all found delicious choices. The service was extremely quick - less than 10 minutes. The meat was all cooked without sauce, allowing us to each determine our own level of spicyness with the sauces provided on the tables. I chose a turkey sandwich which was very delicious and sides of coleslaw which was creamy and tasty and cornbread casserole which was a unique twist but very good. Everyone enjoyed their choices even the children which was evidenced by the fact that they ate almost everything. Thus, we had to fulfill our promise that if they ate good we would let them try the sugar biscuits. They loved them!! We in fact had to reorder several times because in addition to the children, the adults all had to try these simple and mouthwatering sweets. This is a place we will definitely come back to. In fact, I noticed that they deliver, so we would not even have to leave the comforts of home to enjoy this delicious food again!

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by Cozi

The place was confusing. Menu is on the wall - no one greeted us (though we were about the only party in the place) or explained anything -so we muddled through.

Ordered at the counter (still no greeting or hello) and then figured out where to get our drinks by ourselves. Took a seat and waited for our number to be called. Did not take very long at all. After getting our meal - I could see why. The buns were hard and stale. The french fries - unremarkable and the meat.... was not hot. It was sort of watery...which to me meant that they had frozen it and thawed it and were now serving it again. No thanks.

The sauces were nothing to write home about. Everyone in my part wished we hadn't stopped. Waste of money. No one finished their meals. Not one employee said anything as we all left. I guess we can see why the place was empty.

We stopped at Wendy's one Merle Hay on the way back home. The service was wonderful and the food was hot.

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by Randy

The Food Was Delicious ! It was a very nice place and I was impressed. Had a down home feel and appeal. Very cozy! The Staff
was eager but not too bothersome. I'll go back for sure!!

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by Derek Brooks

When I walked in for lunch today I was a little confused... I wanted to go up to the counter and put in my order. However this is a "sit down and get served" restaurant (aside from paying, which is done at the counter).

The first thing we noticed is that they have a Pickle Patch, which is basically just a mini salad bar with a variety of pickles and peppers. It was a nice touch.

My friends and I all got sandwiches, which were good. The meat is cooked without sauce, then you can add the homemade sauce of your choice.

You also had your choice of typical BBQ sides: fries, coleslaw, beans, etc.. However this is the first place I've been to around here that offered fried okra.

Overall the meal was good but the service was a bit sketchy. Not awful, but our drinks were empty for a while.

I still can't figure out how cheap BBQ places are getting $10 a meal for lunch (sandwich, pop, and 2 sides).

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