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by SloppyDog

Nothing special here. Service is ok, kind of hit or miss. I have pretty much never had a decent entree here, but the Apps are delicious. Do your self a favor and sit in the bar area and order tons of martinis and the Bang Bang shrimp. I tell ya, that Bang Bang shrimp is super tasty. If that was all they had on the menu, I would give them 5 stars. Unfortunately, someone decided that the Bang Bang shrimp wasn't good enough by itself and they added all these pesky entrees and apps to the menu. Maybe they will learn....

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by foodie

Have been to Bonefish numerous times. They start you with tasty bread and a pesto like spread.

The Good:
The crabcakes were full of crab pieces--most other crab cakes are all bread. Not these ones.

The fish was cooked well and I always receive a large portion when I go. A good value for the price, and I always leave satisfied.

My Sapphire Gin and Tonic was surprisingly cheap.

The Bad:
I'm a big fan of Key Lime Pie but their pie is not very tart. Dessert selection underwhelming

It is a chain restaurant, so it lacks character.

The verdict:
While a little out of the way, a trip to Bonefish is worth the trip if you like seafood. I'll be back.

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by Sedition

This restaurant redefines underwhelmed.

Let me be honest, I'm no fan of chain restaurants. But certain micro-chains break the rules. Biaggi's would be an example of a micro-chain that is well operated. Lots of "standard fare", but the specials and a few of the regular items are outside of the norm and quite good.

Bonefish is not an exception. My experience there was right out of the chain restaurant "formula for succes" rulebook. The only way this restaurant could be more pedestrian, is if they had a line of frozen dinners.

I should have known when I looked at the clientele. My snide comments to my darling started before the wine list, when I asked if she was the youngest person in the restaurant. I felt like checking if we had accidentally ended up at the Royal Fork for the 4PM senior special. Clientele age is a good barometer of food quality - your sense of taste declines as the years accumulate. The wine list set me off further, might as well have showcased "Sutter Home" as the house wine. Try and have something they don't carry at Hy-Vee already.

I was hoping for some unusual selections for fish, maybe a monkfish presentation or take on red snapper. Nope. The most adventurous was dolphinfish, by it's commonly misspelled but more PR friendly name ahi-ahi (should be mahi-mahi). I went with the rainbow trout, an easy to prepare fish that takes cooking flavors well. My darling had the grouper, the only slightly unusual selection. They came with the chain-restaurant standard choices of garlic mashed potatoes and steamed veggies.

They did an ok job on the fish - I've had worse. But it was nothing to rave about. The Isaak Walton League in town does just as good a job on the rainbow trout. The grouper was over-cooked, which is easy to do, and ended up tasting rather bland. In all, I left feeling like I'd been at an over-priced TGI Friday's. If you like chain restaurants - you'll like Bonefish. If you are looking for something fresh and new, stick with the many great locally owned places in Des Moines. Splash is a far better alternative for American style seafood then this joint.

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by w

We attended a birthday dinner with about 12 people. The staff refused to put 2 tables together to form one table. The drinks took forever to arrive, salads were brought out with the entrees instead of before. The food was hit or miss. Some people really enjoyed theirs while others were not impressed. We mentioned to the manager the poor service and he didn't come to the table and apologize or anything. Maybe good for 2-4 diners but apparently, 12 was too much for them to handle.

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by Mike

Had dinner with friend there last night. 1st visit for either of us and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Food was excellent and the spicy thai sauce with the calamari was excellent.

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by MG

Really enjoyed a recent visit to Bonefish Grill. There were 5 people in our group, everyone ordered something different, and everyone was quite happy with the taste and the quality of the food they got. The prices are reasonable. The service was quite good and will probably get even better as waiters get used to the new setting. This is definitely a worthy dining option, probably the best seafood place for the money, and 4-star rating is only in relation to a couple of other excellent seafood places in town (albeit they are a bit more expensive).

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by Dre

I visited this restaurant within weeks of it's opening. Service was great, seafood and fish was excellent, and prices were reasonable, considering. I usually leave chain restaurants disappointed, but this is one that I would come back to again.

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Tips for Bonefish Grill from foursquare users

Macy K.

Try the Bang Bang Shrimp! It's Excellent as an appetizer or in their tacos!

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Try the Ocean Trust martini. #1 martini in town! & if you like shrimp, try the bang bang tacos. They're Delicious!

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Scott S.

Shrimp and scallops in lemon butter was great!

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Chris T.

The Bang Bang shrimp: It burns burns burns! I love it!

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Doug T.

Cassie is absolutely a great waitress. Very impressed with her knowledge of the menu and her style in general.

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Karith H.

The service is terrible...don't waste your money. Bang Bang Shrimp is tasty, but that won't make up for slow, inattentive waitstaff.

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Get the Bang Bang shrimp appetizer and the Chilean Sea Bass. Delish!

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Justin C.

Mussels Josephine and Bang Bang Shrimp are both amazing.

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Thomas B.

This place is the epitome of what is wrong with middle America. Terrible wine list...uneducated staff and an attitude that it is "just ok" that we have no idea what is going on.

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Located in West Glen near Cabaret Night Club and the Funny Bone

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