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by Kelly and Julie

We were just in there on Friday and we had an awful experience. We just wanted to get out of the mall atmosphere with my infant son and sit down for a quiet meal. They told us that they would not accomodate us unless we left our stroller up front. Are you kidding me? That stroller/carseat was $300!!! I was not leaving my stroller anywhere by an exit so someone could just walk out the door with it. They were extremely rude to us, and they didn't seem to care. We will never be going to a Champs again. We went to Panera Bread instead and they were extremely polite and accomodating. I would never recommend a Champs to anyone!

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by Stephanie

Ok, so I have been past Champps many times but never stopped in. I signed up for a free "mile high ice cream pie" for my birthday and finally decided to give the food a try when I received my email coupon. I was only there for the pie and not hungry for an entire meal and I'm glad I didn't get anything else to eat! The "mile high ice cream pie" is no joke! It's absolutely enormous and you need at least two people to share it. It's quite good, but must be shared and they need to serve it with a knife because the chocolate topping and crust is too thick to slice with the edge of a fork. I had a glass of milk with this and raved to my daughter about it.

Fast forward three months later and my daughter really wanted to try this pie out for her birthday, but she didn't want to go alone like I did because she knew she couldn't eat it all and taking an ice cream dessert home is a very difficult venture. She lives on the other side of town and did not need to go all the way out to Dallas County or wherever Jordan Creek Mall is. In fact, it took her probably close to 30 minutes to drive out to Champps and that was the ONLY reason we both went out to the restaurant, for the free pie for her birthday. We had both just had dinner at Fazoli's and just wanted to have dessert at Champps this evening. My daughter gave the server her coupon and the server indicated she would have to make sure they took it (since apparently the WDM location is not part of corporate or something?). She came back after a little bit and indicated that they did and my daughter and I looked over the menu to see what else they offered while we were waiting. A few of the menu items sounded appealing, but like I said we had both just had dinner and were not hungry for anything more than a leisurely dessert. My daughter told her she just wanted the pie with a glass of milk and I just stuck to my water. At this point, the server indicated that we needed to order a meal in order to get the "free" pie.

My daughter's phone rang right then with a call she was expecting so I told the server to bring the menu back and I again perused it while my daughter was on the phone. After she got off the phone, I asked her if she wanted to split something and take it home or buy some dinner for her boyfriend so she could still get her pie. Both of us re-read the entire email and the ONLY thing that the email indicated was that the "mile high ice cream pie" was FREE within a week of your birthday "WITH ANY PURCHASE." (Emphasis mine.) There was no dollar limit for said purchase indicated anywhere either.

My daughter (having wasted over an hour of our time with the drive by this time, in addition to wasted gas), indicated to the server that the email did not indicate you had to purchase a meal only that you got it with ANY purchase. She asked if they were not going to honor what the email said. This server said her manager would only honor the email coupon with the purchase of a meal. At that point (particularly since she's leaving town tomorrow and doesn't have a lot of time this evening and the fact that I did not have to purchase a meal for my free pie), my daughter indicated that was fine and we did not want anything then and we left.

My daughter indicated to me that she wanted to try the pie since sometimes she will stop at restaurants and just order dessert and she said she might have come back for a meal a different day as well. I felt the same, as there were several things on the menu that sounded good. When you have a restaurant manager, however, who wants to squabble over a free piece of pie, that really turns you off to the place. I mean, I know times are bad now, but if anything, businesses are usually trying to be more competitive now, not only to lure new customers in, but to keep current clientele happy and keep them coming back for more and recommending the place to their friends. Neither of us will be returning or making recommendations. As someone above said, they don't care if they keep your business. The only reason I gave Champps 1.5 stars rather than only 1 is that they did honor the Champps coupon for my birthday even though they have apparently now made the decision not to honor Champps birthday coupons.

Note: I WILL be returning to Ruby Tuesday's in Johnston. I received a freebie from them on my birthday (as did my daughter) and I made a purchase (even though none was even required AND I got a free burger of my choice and endless fries!!!). The service was great, the burger was excellent and not only did the coupon not require a purchase, but the restaurant manager here didn't either!!! Champps should speak to Ruby Tuesday's manager, they could learn a lot from that person!

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by jenny

My husband will not go to Chammps after having that girl as our waitress. That was a year ago, and he still comments on her when we walk past on the way to the Cheesecake Factory.
I agree...NAPPY!!!

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by rude tattoo'd monkey girl

The bartender/server with the bad nappy hair is rude and she smells like she needs a shower.
It was like being served by a circus monkey) She looks like SUPER DAVE OSBORN with all of the stars on her arms.
Too bad....everyone else there is very nice.

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by Andrew kowalski

We arrived at the restaurant around 6:00 PM to have a few appetizers and drinks before our movie. Due to the time crunch and the over 30 minuet wait for a table we decided to place our order with the bar tender while we waited. The bar was so crowded only the ladies could sit and us guys had to stand over their shoulder. Finally our pager went off and we were seated. After the waitress found we had already ordered she was quite rude and in-front of us complained to the manager that we were seated in her section however already had a tab at the bar. A few minuets later we were approached by what I assume to be one of the managers however she never formally induced herself. The gal politely explained the situation and attempted to persuade us into choosing who we wanted to "Tip". Since we had a split check I suggested half go to the bartender and the other half to the waitress. That seemed to settle the very rude waitress and we finished our 4 appetizers and proceeded to leave. Both tabs came out to around $110.00 so it is not like we were just drinking. I feel the situation was handled very un-tastefully and I will not return to Champs for any reason.

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by Mike

Was there this past weekend. M and I split the Bruschetta appetizer. It was okay but not one of my favs, M said not as good as last time she had it. Had the Baron Burger which was quite tasty. M had the shrimp fettucine whihc was tasty once order was correct as waitress forgot to not have cheese put on it. Overall was good with just the one hiccup.

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by Hungry landy

Terrible..... My husband and I had a terrible meal. The service was not professional and it took her 20 minutes to take our order. Also, be aware that they do charge your credit card an Extra 20% until your bill clears the account. Casey a manager was rude when I called him to explain our problem.

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by cambohooker

I'm not sure why everybody is down on this place. I have been to Champps dozens of times both to eat and to just watch games. Food is good, service is good and you can't beat all the tv's they have. Drinks are more than you would pay at some other places but what do you expect, you're in Jordan Creek Mall. Don't believe they nay-sayers, this is a good place.

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by aliya

is it really that bad, iam going there for my b-day, should i get out and cancel now!!! or wait and see what it's like?

any answers my e-mail iz:

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by Steve Clark

My wife and I ordered chips and con queso dip for an appetizer. I bit into the tip of a rubber glove. I did not make a scene, politely told my server who brought over a young man I assume was a manager. He explained how it may have happened, (which I could have cared less) apologized and said he would take care of us and have some desert. After we finished the server didn't even ask if we wanted desert and brought our bill which simply had the chip dip removed. There are many ways to handle an unfortunate mistake, this is not one of them. There are other dining options in the area, this restaurant doesn't appreciate your business.

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by Morgan

I went to champs for the first time a couple of weeks ago and thought the food was excellent. The service was pretty bad though. the server didn't even bring us our food, it was some cook from the back. She didn't come back to the table until it was time to give us our check. I'll go back though because you can't judge a restaurant by just one crappy server.

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by C

I liked Champps when I visited the Twin Cities location, and I tolerated the West Des Moines Champps, but recently they changed menus and they have really gone downhill. I would not go here anymore. The fries came out lukewarm and the seasoning was awful. I don't know what they did with their Chicken Ranch Wrap, but it was axed and changed because of their new menu. Why do I have to be upcharged $1.50-2 for fries to come with my burgers? I've never had that happen to me before the new Champps. The waitress did not refill our $2.25 sodas although we put our empty sodas on the edge of the table. She was also rude and not knowledgeable of the menu.

My opinion is it's not good to change the menu at a sports bar after the opening of Buffalo Wild Wings and Krieggers just down the street. Champps used to be a good sports bar, but now it's overpriced, and the service is terrible.

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by Heidi

I fell in love with Champp's in the Twin Cities year ago... the last time I was there, they had the most AMAZING pasta dishes and entrees. Naturally, excited that the franchise had made it to Iowa. I have been to the Champp's in West Des Moines twice and both times have been very disappointed in the service and the food (delicious, but cold).

The last time we where there, the server brought our food and forgot our silverware. When we requested some utensils, she scurried off to get them, but then disappeared for three whole minutes (which seems like forever when you're starving and your dinner is getting colder). My date sat with an empty beer glass for his entire meal and was asked if he'd like another only after the server came to clear our plates at the end of dinner. Both my partner and I are former servers, and are known to be extravagant tippers, but this time, she just got 10%.

There are lots of places competing at this price point, and I don't think we'll go back. Ever.

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by Tom Brazelton

I don't know why so many people are complaining about the service. I've never had a negative experience here that I can recall. No complaints on the price of food, either.

Beers are maybe a little more expensive than they need to be, but that's true almost anywhere.

The ribs are really good. A nice sweet and spicy sauce. Try the pulled pork sandwich with tobasco onion rings on top. Sounds good right now!

I don't usually go to sports bar, but the one thing I like about this place is that during the commercials, they flip the PA over to some great songs instead of having that damn Geico lizard in your ear during time-outs. Shows a little forethought that I appreciate.

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by Tony

Food was ok. Very large portions. I will never go back though. This restraunt prides itself on being the only place in the mall that you can smoke. Problem is, is that it smells like it. Reaked of dank cigar and cigarette smoke. I'd rather be treated to the smell of the food.

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by Karl

so far when i have been there the food has been kick ass and it has the biggest screen in any bar in Des Moines - great for games and not too busy on regular nights

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by Andie

I had a good experience at Champps. I wouldn't say that it was the greatest place or my first choice for a night out, but we sat at the bar and had fabulous service. The beer was cold and the food was decent, typical bar and grill.

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by SloppyDog

Crappy, slow service. It sucked cause it looked like there were 10 servers hanging at the hostest station, yet my iced tea remained just a cup of ice for over 20 minutes.

food was plain. tasty, but nothing too exciting. i'd go back, but only if i'm stranded at jordan creek, or if they were the only place in town that was broadcasting the ball game.

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by kari

Champps was a complete disappointment.. It's not that I had heard a ton of good things about the restaurant.. but a few, and being in the infamous Jordan Creek area, I thought it would be worth checking out. Lame.

The service was terrible. I apologize to the waitress. I am sorry that you hate your job.. but I didn't choose it for you. Then again, I would probably be pretty crabby knowing that I worked for a place who served mediocre food for a ridiculous price in an atmosphere that was a pretty weak attempt to grab the attention of its customers.

Skip Champps.. the food court is right across the way.. and a deli sandwich from Subway would be a better choice.

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by NicoleK

I was so disappointed in the service, food and prices that if I ever walked into that place again it would be too soon. First, my iced tea was $2.25, my lunch Chicken sandwich was nothing special served with over-seasoned fries. The service was rude and inattentive. The only thing that was decent was my side salad and who can really screw up a salad? If they are passing themselves off as a bar/restaurant than they need to step up the quality to the price, at this point it is a bar with mediocre food that is way overpriced. I can’t believe they are successful. My advice skip Champps, visit Cheesecake Factory if you are at Jordan Creek.

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Good place for a mid morning drink

5 people have done this

Dylan W.

The retards that run this place are not capable of changing the audio on their tv. Because the reciever is already set and it apparently takes a half hour to make this change.

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Kristofor V.

If you are on a lunch break, look at the Ten Minute Ticker Menu for a smaller portioned menu that is served in ten minutes.

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Drew V.

Get a sloppy jj here

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Zach V.

On Thursdays from 8-10 is Deal or No Deal. Fun time and great prizes if you're lucky enough to be selected to play! Even more fun during Thursday night NFL.

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Amber B.

Strawberry Mojitos...SO delicious here!

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Taylor H.

If you're a real man, get the Brush Fire burger. Spicy!

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Taylor H.

Get here about an hour before major UFC events to get a decent spot.

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Brendon B.

Monday night is trivia night at Champps. Great food and always sports on.

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Michelle S.

You don't get any specials when the mayor is your server and you recognize them. Pfft.

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Peter E.

You get bread and chips with the spinach artichoke dip. It's really good.

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Dan B.

Celebrating Simons birthday...

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Aaron P.

Wings = good

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Thomas B.

Silver Birch Card. Not too bad

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