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by Foodcents

We went to the Cheesecake Factory to get dessert and a drink. We noticed the absence of prices for the desserts and asked our waitress about it. She said, "yea, I guess it's a bit deceiving but the prices range from $6 to $12 per serving". We decided to proceed anyway. There were three of us and we ordered the cheesecake with fresh strawberries, chocolate mousse cheesecake and a Hot fudge Sunday w/brownie which turned out to also be cheesecake. For drinks we had a coke, ice tea, and lemonaide. Without the tip the total came to $33.32. Now, the cheesecake was fine...not the best I've tasted but we do have to give a thumbs up on the
Chocolate Mousse cheesecake. If we had it to do over, we would choose to have dessert at a more moderately priced retaurant.

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by cambohooker

There is a lot of variety on the menu at Cheesecake. I would agree that there are a few items on the menu that aren't as good as some others but the items that are good turn out to be fantastic. I personally love the Thai Chicken Pasta. Also, the buffalo blasts are one of my favorite appetizers from any restaurant around. Of course, the cheesecake is exceptional, with so many to choose from everybody should be able to find one they like. Be careful when ordering beer and mixed drinks, they are really overpriced, even for Jordan Creek.

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by SloppyDog

I have had bunch of meals here, but it's hard to forget the time that I found a "eyelash" in my seared tuna takaki salad. My wife and I weren't so sure that it was an eyelash - but the manager insisted that he knows his bodily hair and it was indeed a eyelash. It left a bad taste in my mouth (no pun intended)

Other than that I have always had a blast and eaten some tasty food. I like the fish tacos and the kobe beef burger. not too shabby. Plan on spending a couple bucks. Also, it's hard to make a decision because the menu is huge.

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by closemyaccount

our first visit to this restaurant was horrible, and didnt want to ever return, however i gave it a second shot and ordered a bunch of appetizers and was very impressed. i think that because of the large menu that they cannot focus on quality flavor profiles on certain menu items. so be careful what you order, it may be very good or very bad.

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by Jim Bo

A huge menu with a great selection of frozen cheesecake. A good place to go after shopping when you want a big plate of comfort food in an expensive atmosphere with inattentive service and busy hosts who are so busy staring at the computer that they do not have time to welcome you into the restaurant.

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by Tony

Good place to go if you're trying to make everyone happy. They offer just about everything in a nice setting. Be prepared for leftovers, they serve huge portions. Haven't ever been disappointed with a meal. Can be pricey if expecting Applebees prices. Cheesecake is great, but too expensive.

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by Kevin

For me, the Cheesecake Factory is a place that had a lot of potential, but just failed to deliver.

I had the Bang-Bang Chicken and Shrimp, which was delicious... but for $15, I would have expected more meat, and less rice (which just came as a nicely decorated ball in the center of my plate). My girlfriends lunch-sized pasta was a decent size for the price, but was really dry, making it pretty gross.

The waitress was a little too annoying for me, and my water glass (although filled by the waitress quite a few times) was constantly empty because the waitress would disappear for long periods of time (and they weren't even very busy).

The only redeeming part of the meal was the cheesecake, which was delicious as I expected. However, the average price for a slice of cheesecake is $6.50, which mostly goes to pay for the massive amount of whip cream with which they drown the dessert.

With no appetizers and only water to drink $42 seemed a little outrageous for the portions and quality of the food and service we got.

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by anthony

They have a nice setup but its always so busy because they dont accept reservations so you have to wait forever for overrated food

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by Stephanie

I don't get it. The huge lines (in every city). The devotion. OK, the cheesecake is good, but the food is very average for the price and absolutely not worth a 1 1/2 hour wait. The wait staff was attentive and the portions very large, but in my opinion, you can get a much better meal at a better price at non-chain places like Centro or Cosi Cucina.

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by NicoleK

The Cheesecake Factory has a lot more to offer than cheesecake. Their menu is one of the largest I have seen, so even the pickiest eater could find something. However, the best part of the Cheesecake Factory is by far the ambience; vaulted ceilings, art-deco design with classic earth tones provides an elegant, cozy setting.

The food can be described as slightly above average. For the large menu that is usually hard to do. There is literally "Something for Everybody" which is actually their motto. We ate during lunch time and ordered Crabcake sandwich, Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and a Garden Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing. The disappointing of the three was the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich which lacked any kick and was accompanied by a side of boring French fries. The Crabcake sandwich was delicious, but also included boring, normal French fries. The Salad was large enough to be a filling meal, and the dressing was a light, flavorful Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing and became an instant favorite of mine.

Known for the cheesecake, we tried the Coffee Heathbar Crunch. It was a larger piece and was creamy and rich with pieces of Heath Bar on top that added a bit of sweetness. Another guest of mine tried their Cafe Mocha which we all enjoyed.

Our service was helpful and attending.

One compliant, they serve eggs, omelets and have a brunch menu, but only open early on Sundays (10:00am) the rest of the week, including Saturday they don't open until 11:00am.
Also they don't except reservations which is annoying because they are always busy.

All in all, I was pretty impressed. I love the beautiful designed space and the friendly wait staff. We only tried a small fraction of what they have to offer, so I look forward to trying more and hopefully upgrading their score, I think there is a lot of potential.

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1/2 off on cheesecake??!! Now thats a deal!!!

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Heather B.

The small plates are awesome and "just enough" food

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Alan L.

Red Velvet Cheesecake is da bomb!

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John P.

This is located in the pit of West Duh Moines hell. But sometimes we all need to visit hell now and then to get a perspective on life.

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Nathan B.

Try the Pasta Da Vinci with shrimp instead of chicken and have it with the wheat bread and you've got your dream meal!

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The best chicken salad sandwiches ever!

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Julie H.

Beautiful day on the patio!

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Alissa F.

The Thai Lettuce Wraps are a must!!!

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Teddy L.

Bistro Shrimp!!

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Sheri K.

Try the Crispy Beef or the Carmel Chicken!! Better asian food then PF Changs. Godiva cheesecake is heaven

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Seana K.

The chicken marsala is delicious and if u like martinis, the red raspberry martini is amazing.

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Troy R.

Lettuce wraps, fried macaroni & cheese, miso salmon, & of course the cheesecake! Lots of great choices.

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Kelly C.

brunch on sundays

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