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by Drew

I've been to several Hooters in the country and this one is probably my least favorite. Last time I was there to get wings and watch a football game with friends. When the waitress brought our bill she didn't seperate it out like we'd asked. We asked if she could and she told us she forgot who got what, gave us a notepad and a pen and said write down who had what and left. It wasn't a HUGE deal, but we asked at the beginning to have it split. It's not the customer's job to do their job. I figured since I did half the work I'd leave half the tip. PS-While we split the bill amongst ourselves (we were charged for a bowl of chips we never ordered) she sat at the bar flirting with the bartender. The food isn't that great and there are better places to go, with better help. I'd go elsewhere.

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Blaine C.

Hahahhhahaaaahha. Please stop. Hahahaha

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Bridget N.

Amazing fried pickles!!

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Tony B.

Wings. What else...

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Preston L.

Great service ! hoT waitres. Ask for Sabrina's section BOOM !

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Preston L.

Great place/service

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Robert D.

The chick Basil screwed up my order bad. No management apology, no try to make me happy. I got my bill and was even charged for the ranch. You screwed up, you couldve at least comped the ranch.

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Mike L.

Our table is horrifyingly dirty, but the waitresses are hot.

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Wingsday (Wednesday) - 5.99 for 10 wings & fries!

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Ryan C.

Fried pickles are amazing! Don't get crabs!

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