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by Darce

I dont know how someone could say that this place was expensive. I go there often and get the soup and salad bar for $6.50. I take my entire bowl of soup home b/c that salad bar is just that good. Extensive with lost of options, and dont forget the free frozen yogurt! Staff is all good, really really busy during the lunch hour the weekdays, not sure about weekends though!

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by Shane

Business has certainly picked up since the last reviews were written. I went there for lunch and it wasn't hectic, but bordering on it. Still, we were able to find a place to sit because there are so many tables. I didn't find the prices too outrageous. For $6.50 I had a "daily special" pork sandwich with potato salad that was really too big for one sitting. I'll go back again and maybe try their soup and salad.

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by Sherry

If you want fast and delicious deli with an advanced menu, then this is your place. I ordered the California Club and I couldn't have been more pleased: sprouts, avocado, turkey, tomato on a croissant. The salad bar is expansive with everything you could want for you salad.
The atmosphere is large and welcoming for large groups and families. The only downside is that it's a chain deli - not locally owned. If you're looking for local, cozy and quaint then you'll need to go to Manhattan Deli.

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by Kari G.

Great food and fast service. The turkey wrap is delicious! The ambiance could be improved on (cafeteria feel), however, they will certainly be seeing me again.

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by Nehru

I think Jason’s Deli should be named Jason’s Cafeteria. The ambiance reminds me of a high school cafeteria in a very rich district. Sure this place was fancy and well decorated, but the food did not live up to the expense. One positive attribute is the fact that ice cream is free. Unless ice cream is your thing, don’t expect to go there with 5 dollars for lunch and leave with a full satisfied belly…bring about 12 dollars.

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Bradley S.

This place uses awesome ingredients. If you do just soup and salad you can have a truly healthy lunch here...

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John H.

dont forget the fee frozen yogurt

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Drew M.

Their tomato Basil soup is excellent.

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Pete J.

Take out food is fast and fabulous.

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Ty K.

Get one of the baked potatoes. They're as big as a football!

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Patrick D.

The Ranchero Wrap is fantastic! Perfect amount of kick.

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Ben J.

Try the Sergeant Pepper sandwich if you want to be able to actually see your arteries clog in real time. Ask for the Manager, Adam, and tell him the Hinton Blackhawks rock!

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Elektra X.

Amazing & fattening broccoli cheese soup

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Oh my god the california club is sooooooo goooood! Also try the black currant iced tea, yum!

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Erik U.

Great seafood gumbo and free cornbread muffins!

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Jennic L.

Loved the turkey wrap!

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The first thing I noticed when walking into Jason's Deli was the huge amount of seating - this place is seriously ready for some business. The second thing I noticed was the classy styling throughout the restaurant. Wooden wainscoted walls with lots of black and white photos hung throughout.

When you walk through the door at Jason's Deli, the first thing you do is grab yourself a menu. You might notice that most of the items contain health information. So if you're watching your figure, you'll know what's best to order. Might I suggest the Turkey Reuben - piled high with sliced turkey, sauerkraut, and mustard. You can't go wrong with the Panini either.

There are an abundance of free items throughout the deli; you just have to look around because no one tells you about them. (Check for signs around the salad bar)

The atmosphere is great and the pricing is comparable to other nice delis like Palmer's.