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by quietriot

Always a fun place to go for drinks - but I need to take a moment to rave about their cheese balls - OH MY GOSH, so delicious and they give you a TON of them for pretty reasonable price. I wish they still let their English sheepdog hang around again.

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by Brent

A great neighborhood pub. Outstanding food(with a very diverse menu), and the food is not your typical out of the can or bag type. Beer selection emmense. Been there several times and always get great service. The temperature can be somewhat off in the place, but with strip mall's that is not uncommon.

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by The Chad

Food is great. This is among the only "dives" my fiancee will go to, though I really wouldn't consider it a dive. We love the food! This is a great neighborhood bar with service that is above par. Staff stays a long time, and that tells you good things about the owners. Corporate restaurant/bars have a turnover rate that's astounding, but good family-owned locations can keep people around for decades! This is true of Limeys, and that gives me warm fuzzies.

Young and old feel at home here. I would recommend Limeys particularly if you live nearby. This is an all around fantastic neighborhood bar with really good food! The only thing that prevents me from giving it 5 stars is you smell like an ashtray when you leave.

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by Beverly Kellogg

Limey's has been in business for 11 years this November. It is owned by a locals-Kimberly Taylor and her husband Ken. Kim is a graduate of Valley HighSchool and the University of Iowa. Ken is from Birmingham England. It is nice to go to a friendly locally owned business that serves great food and plenty of it. They have great soups, sandwiches, and pizzas. Everything is homemade which is much different than most chain operations. A great place to spend a football day, St. Patricks Day with the bagpipers, and two New Year's Eve celebrations. Kim has currently started a catering business called Kim's Kitchen. If planning a special event and you don't want to fix the food give her a call and she will help you out. Give her a call at 515-577-2051. I feel that people should support locally owned businesses and be proud that people are willing to work the long hours that it takes to make a small business a success story . Give Limey's a try-a nice friendly "Cheers" neighberhood pub.

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by Kim Taylor

A very cozy neighborhood pub! Great food and the largest selection of import beers in WDM. Distincly located off Grand Avenue.

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by Heidi

Last night my partner (M) and I headed to Limey's for dinner and a couple of beers. We choose Limey's because M has a penchant for European beer and a friend recommended it. The bottled beer selection was ample and they have Boddingtons’s on tap, which is to their credit.

My date ordered the fish and chips, a battered cod fillet served with french fries and peas. M commented on the high quality of the fish, and he liked the fries better than those served at the Royal Mile. M's biggest issue with Limey's is that when it comes to fish n'chips, they are purists...they don't offer tarter sauce with the fish (and M orders fish just so that he can enjoy tarter sauce). According to M, in a competition between Limey's and The Royal Mile, The Mile wins for portion size and price, so next time he's craving battered cod (tarter sauce), we'll probably head downtown.

I enjoyed a cup of the Thai shrimp soup: a surprisingly yummy blend of peanuts, Asian veggies, and small shrimp in a slightly creamy soup base.

The service was excellent, the atmosphere was townie-bar, and the place wasn't over-crowded. It wasn't too smoky while we were there, but the aroma of cigarettes permeates the entire bar.

Overall: good place for a beer, but we probably won't be back for dinner.

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by Tom Brazelton

Any bar that mimics the UK pub style, I like. And the fact that Limey's is tucked away I think is really cool.


I want to like Limey's. I really do. But every time I go there, I think to myself "This place hasn't been cleaned in years." It's not really a dive bar, so why the neglect?

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by Sean

Great place to gather. A bit smokey at times. I haven't had as much fun at any other bar. However, my 10 other friends and I decided we are not going back anymore. The ONLY reason: because they keep the temperature at a the level of a nuclear reactor (during the summer). When I asked if they could pump up the air conditioning, the lady said, "Sorry, it gets that way when it's busy." There weren't more than 15 people in the entire place at the time. We're going to Down Under from now on. It may be smokier and the food crapier, but at least they know how to treat their customers.

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Tips for Limey's Pub from foursquare users

Nick B.

I've always had good food. Service is pretty decent too. Try a Moscow Mule.

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Curt K.

Gave them 1 more chance and they failed! Go to the Chicken Coop next door. Better food and much better service.

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Curt K.

Have to agree w previous tip. The food is horrible. Everything I've tried is bad. Service was pretty good. If you want to eat go next door to The Chicken Coop or ElRays

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Dennis T.

Had breakfast here. Corned beef hash. Food was HORRIBLE. Service was Great...

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Andy W.

Never had a good experience here but came in after 7 year for another try. Food is still wretched and service is mediocre. I just don't get the appeal.

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Sean G.

Monday. Fried chicken. Put it on your to do list.

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Jason S.


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Adam C.

The food is actually great! Weird that Curt doesn't like the food, yet he's the mayor here...?

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Limey's is a self proclaimed British bar in a strange location. It's in the back of a strip mall so it can be difficult to find - but they have a patio!

Other than that, it's a pretty neat little bar. They have a huge beer selection (mostly in bottles), and they have a full food menu (which we haven't tried yet).

For entertainment they have 5 TVs, a pool table and a couple of your typical bar video games.

The only downfalls are obviously the location, and the amount of smoke.

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