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by kdog

This place is a winner. Great atmosphere, excellent food. Their stout BBQ sauce is amazing, their beer is great too, though im more of a foodie than a beer person. The asiago cheese bread, is truly amazing, as is their pulled pork and brewers club. Actually ive even had vegetarian friends go there and order things and have been very impressed with the portobello sandwich. They have wifi, but unfortunately they do not have plugs at every table so its hard if you have a meeting to find a place to plug in. The food is so good though I still look for excuses to have meetings and to go there.

The only downside I can really think of is that they are often times crowded, and they don't have much of a waiting area. I suppose they expect you to wait in the bar area, but thats usually smokey and I cant stand smoke.

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by cambohooker

This place never ceases to amaze me. The beer is always good, the food is even better. They have really good happy hour specials on food during the week. If I have one complaint it's that they change their menu every few months so if you find something you really like, get there often because it may not be there the next time you come back.

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by Mike

When we 1st moved here in 2003 thsi wa sone of our favorite places to eat as it wa sgood and it was close by. Howeve rthe service and food has steadily declined over that time to the point taht I wuld no longer recommend it. Not sure why the decline but it has been a steady decline.

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by sam

Wow-went on Sunday, not too many tables filled, took 3 times ask for a drink, once We got service we had to hear about the excuse of the server being hung over!! Food is way over priced for the taste. Very bland, bad and of course it was cold. Even the sodas were flat. probably the worst experience we have had in DesMoines

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by injekted

What a great place! This is one of the few places that I had to visit everytime I came to Des Moines, before I moved here. I love the food, and the great choice in specialty brews, with new brews introduced often.

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by SloppyDog

This place is great. Pretty good food and I've always had good service. The best part is the Mug Club. It keeps track of how many pints you've consumed throughout all your visits. Genious! I am proud to say that I have more that trippled my girlfriend's pintage.

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by nathan

Good eats and atmosphere. Join the Mug Club and you get bigger pints or bring your own in. The Mug Club is free and after so many visits, minimum of 10 you get 10 bucks back. It works its way up from there for various prizes. I joined just so I could get more beer in my glass. The food is good, I've never had a bad tasting meal and the service is generally good. Happy hour is until 6 with discounted beer and food apetizers. There are 5 pool tables in the back and you can reserve the party room for office parties or just to have drinks and food with pool tables, big screen tv and leather couches. I recommend going and seeing Michelle, she will put her boobs on your shoulder and laugh about it. She is a great waitress and very personable.

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Norah C.

Come back on Wednesday nights for half price burgers! I recommend the Bourbonzola, featuring Jim Beam bourbon glaze, Gorgonzola cheese & crispy onion straws. Delicious!

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Collin C.

good food. better beer... try the monthly special...

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Aaron P.

The club sandwich is quite delightful

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Macy K.

Try their side salad! It has dried cranberries on it and it's delicious! Seriously!

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Tony S.

If you want good service, ask for Tony. If you are a 10% tipper, ask for Debbie :-)

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Chris C.

try the lumpy dog brown

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Matt E.

No longer serve Titan toothpicks. What a shame! Need to add them back onto the menu.

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Best beer brewed in central Iowa! Eric S is a brewmaster who deserves the title!

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Dylan W.

2 am burger is great after a night on the town.

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Steve D.

The Prime and Cheddar is awesome. See Laney at the bar, she is a sassy bartender.

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Bryan W.

Service wasn't the best, waitress seemed like she didn't care if we were there. The new chicken pot pie is awesome, I highly recommend it.

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Tony B.

Wheat beer and Titan Toothpicks

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Rock Bottom is an excellent brewery with great food. It's a chain brewery similar to Granite City, but it's been around much longer, and cycles through specialty brews a LOT more. They brew everything from a light beer to a stout, and even have cask conditioned brew. Our recommended beer for all year round: Mud in Your Eye Red. They also have plenty of excellent seasonal beers that cycle through. Starting in mid September check out Rocktoberfest - best oktoberfest around.

Another great reason to visit Rock Bottom is the Mug Club. You definitely want to be a part of it; unlike other breweries, it's free. You sign up, get a card, get more beer for cheaper, and you get free stuff. Another benefit is the tapping parties. Once a month, you can pay $25 to get a special meal while trying the newest beer. They close off an entire room for the members and give you all you can eat and drink. How can you lose with that deal?

The service is usually really good, especially if you're a regular and the staff gets to know you. However, I've noticed that it's often much worse during lunch. The wait staff is probably either new... or maybe hung over.

As for entertainment, they have quite a few TVs - including a couple big screens, 4 full sized pool tables, a couple couches, and free wireless internet from i-spot Access.

The food is also very good - mostly traditional American style food: burgers, steaks, chicken, pasta, pizzas, etc.

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