The Loft

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by Nick

I'd say this bar has something for everyone. If you like to hang out and talk, there are tables downstairs (although you may have to shout). Otherwise if you're a dance freak you can go upstairs and do that. Sometimes there is a bit of a wait at the bar, but usually not too horrible. The atmosphere is great, the people are a complete mix. There usually is a door cover and the drinks are moderately priced. Great beer and drink selection. The loft could only be better if they dampen the sound from the top floor so that you can better hear people talk when on the first floor.

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by ibcheerful

If you're only looking for drink specials, this place fits your bill. But if you're looking for a good time spent with other people having a good time- PICK ANOTHER PLACE. With $2 dollar drink specials on Friday nights you'd think this place couldn't go wrong...
That is until you see the crowd that walks through the door. They have crazies that cover the dance floor like they believe they are in one of Darrin's Dance Grooves videos! These people hike up their shirts to comfort their irratically dancing bodies and pay no attention to others while making eyes at themselves in the mirror.

Furthermore, the staff is cocky. The DJ heckled my dear friend who operates "a well known review site" for Des Moines, on Friday night. The guys who check Ids sometimes let folks in with a hat, and other times send them back to their cars to put them away.
This place tries to be elitist and can't even draw in a decent crowd to make the place a good time. BOO!

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by Jenaside

The Loft is always a good time. Saturday's are dollar drink nights, but be prepared to cough up $10 at the door for cover. Downstairs is a bar and pool table area while the dance floor is upstairs. Loud music, good drinks, and hot bartenders... what more can people ask for? Unlike Crush, this dance club is down and dirty. You'll often find patrons dancing on the bar Coyote Ugly style. Always packed on the weekends, and always always fun. This club is also open during the week -- Thursdays is country night. Around 11 pm on Thursday night they start mixing it up with hip hop. Gotta love that DJ -- she knows how to party.

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