Reviews written by AandD

A and D gave Vern's Restaurant and Lounge 4 Stars

"A" and "D" found Vern's to be a surprise. The Clive location on Hickman is almost in Waukee and it shares a building with Tuffy's, a quick change oil and auto service business, so the expectation lev... (see full review)

A and D gave J Benjamin's 4 Stars

J. Benjamin's has had several lives, but under the present owner, Simon Goheen, it is reaching its potential. This is an intimate neighborhood restaurant. It's charm is signalled immediately by Simon.... (see full review)

A and D gave Riverwalk Cafe 5 Stars

Perhaps the best lunch secret in Des Moines. The Riverwalk Cafe is located inside the Des Moines Botanical Center and it is a wonderful place to have lunch looking out over the lush tropical collectio... (see full review)

A and D gave Dolce Vita Grill & Vineyard 5 Stars

Dolce Vita Grill & Vineyard

Open for Lunch and Dinner
Closed Sunday and Monday

This new restaurant claims it is “A Taste of the Sweet Life” and it delivers on its promise. Located on Univer... (see full review)

A and D gave Mojos on 86th 3 Stars

Mojo’s on 86th
Lunch and Dinner

Chef Robert Beasley is a transplanted Louisiana chef, a semi-fixture on the Des Moines restaurant scene. He has a following of loyal customers, many of whom mak... (see full review)

A and D gave Cosi Cucina Italian Grill 3 Stars

"A" and "D" wish to correct an error in their January 5th review below. We regret the misunderstanding.

The chef at Cosi Cucini is no longer Doug Smith, who sold his portion of the ownership of the... (see full review)

A and D gave Mosaix 4 Stars

Mosaix Restaurant
5014 E.P. True Parkway
West Des Moines
Serves Dinner: Monday-Saturday, closed Sunday

Mosaix has always been a favorite spot to celebrate special times for “A”... (see full review)

A and D gave Big Steer Restaurant & Lounge 5 Stars

The Big Steer
1715 Adventureland Dr
5-9:30 Monday thorough Thursday
5-10:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday

“A” and “D” stopped in at The Big Steer about 5:45 p.m. on a S... (see full review)

A and D gave Cosi Cucina Italian Grill 3 Stars

Cosi Cucina Italian Grill
Lunch and Dinner, daily

Both “A” and “D” have been regular customers of Cosi Cucina for a number of years, and this is a difficult review to write because it is o... (see full review)

A and D gave Jimmy's American Cafe Ltd 1 Star

Jimmy’s American Café
1238 8th Street
West Des Moines
Lunch: Monday through Friday 11 a.m-5 p.m.
Dinner: Sunday through Thursday, 5-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday dinner till 11 p.m... (see full review)

A and D gave Trostel's Greenbriar 5 Stars

Trostel’s Greenbriar Restaurant and Bar
5810 Merle Hay Road
Johnston, IA
Phone: 515-253-0124
Dinner beginning at 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday
Lunch is served daily from 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Twil... (see full review)

A and D gave Urban Grill 4 Stars

The Urban Grill
3651 86th St
Urbandale, IA
Phone: 515-278-1016
Open daily Monday through Saturday; 11 a.m.
Close at 10 p.m. except Friday and Saturday, close at 11 p.m.

“D” and “A” ar... (see full review)

A and D gave Felix & Oscars Restaurant 1 Star

"A" and "D" fell for the ubiquitous legend that exists in Des Moines about this place. After all, everyone says, "They have great pizza." We tried it at 5 pm on a weekday. The restaurant was empty; th... (see full review)

A and D gave Tursi's Latin King 5 Stars

Tursi’s Latin King

Where to begin? The beginning, of course. “A” and “D” went to the Latin King for the first time for dinner on a Saturday afternoon about 5 P.M. We had been there previo... (see full review)

A and D gave Tumea & Sons 4 Stars

There is a little treasure just south of the I-Cub stadium in Des Moines called Tumea and Sons Restaurant. Every city in the world should have a place like this in their neighborhood. The place rece... (see full review)

A and D gave Jesse's Embers 5 Stars

“A” has only eaten at two restaurants in that allowed – no, make that encouraged – diners to enter through their kitchen. That gesture by your host at Jesse’s speaks volumes about the pride ... (see full review)

A and D gave Club Car Restaurant & Lounge 4 Stars

The Club Car is a very reliable and good value restaurant with very good food and solid service. The value is high for the prices. It is a 'comfort' restaurant that somehow becomes a somewhat dull hab... (see full review)

A and D gave Trostel's Dish 5 Stars

Wow! This is a restaurant that has all five of its stars already in place. The decor is Chicago chic . . . even New York chic. The service is excellent. The bar is alive and exciting.

But . . . t... (see full review)