Reviews written by aeongrey

aeon grey gave Grand Piano Bistro 1 Star

One of the worst dining experiences of my life. Nothing about this place really is satisfying. For a dueling piano bar only having deuling piano's one night a week doesn't make much sense, but i don't... (see full review)

aeon grey gave Beggars Banquet 5 Stars

I have enjoyed beggars food since they were on university. Some of my favorite soups, and sandwiches. Prices might be a little more than other lunch spots, but still reasonable. I probably go here 2 t... (see full review)

aeon grey gave Ban Thai 4 Stars

Another good option to the thai food circuit here in Des Moines, my second favorite thai place, Excellent pad thai and garlic tofu. The food could be a little more consistent, sometimes the same dish ... (see full review)

aeon grey gave A Dong 4 Stars

A Dong is one of my favorite places to eat, the large vegetarian menu actually allows for me to make a selection. The atmopshere may lack a little bit, but it is a takeout favorite. I recommend 17C or... (see full review)

aeon grey gave Locust Tap 4 Stars

I don't drink... I just rap... I was at the locust tap last friday for a little show we were doing. The place was not what i expected, bare concrete walls with black permanent scribbles and drunken ba... (see full review)

aeon grey gave Jazzy Willy's 3 Stars

Where it is new year's everday.. and the hiphop music never seems to cease. Granted the quality of the local rap scene might lack, spend enough time there and some tolerable groups are bound to appea... (see full review)

aeon grey gave Java Joe's 3 Stars

A good place for coffee..poety... and maybe the only open mic in town. The sound system lacks, but is perfect for accoustic groups and even some low key electronica or dj's.

Certainly a good venu... (see full review)

aeon grey gave Vaudeville Mews 5 Stars

Simply the best live music venue in town for the independent music, with a very eclectic bill every night. Can't beat the clean environment and good sound.