Reviews written by becky

becky gave Blank Park Zoo 1 Star

The Blank Park Zoo never fails to disappoint me. I keep going back. And it is always a disappointment. Des Moines is awesome! We should be able to cage some awesome animals!!! But, no. Half of t... (see full review)

becky gave Hoshi Sushi Lounge 4 Stars

I don't like sushi at all. However, I went to this place a month ago and am DYING to go back. The edamame and california rolls were fantastic. Super flavorful. Presentation was beautiful as well. ... (see full review)

becky gave Gusto Pizza 5 Stars

Simply loved it! The clean, modern look is very inviting. Great location. Most importantly, the food is delicious! I tried two pizzas that I thought sounded really out there. The flavors mixed so... (see full review)

becky gave El Mariachi 5 Stars

We spend way too much time at El Mariaci. Their food is good. Authentic mexican (I think?). We keep going back because the service is so great. The food is out fast - even when they are busy. The... (see full review)

becky gave Art 316 5 Stars

Beautiful building with great artists! The Open House that Art 316 holds every year in the fall is one of the must-do things in Des Moines!!!

becky gave Carl's Place 5 Stars

Dive, dive, dive. But I'm a fan of dive bars, and this is my favorite.

Prices are cheap. The bartenders are just the right amount of mean/nice. I have boobs, so they lean to the nice side.
... (see full review)