When I find something good to comment on, I may return. For now I am in retirement. This should allow me ample time to seek a refund, As Hooked on Phonics obviously did not work for me. QED Bitch? Wow. Aloha means goodbye.

chris07gtcs lives in Ankeny and spends a bit of time elsewhere. He has rated 27 places, giving them an average of 3 stars.

chris07gtcs hasn't been around in quite a while... We miss you, chris07gtcs.

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chris07gtcs gave Drake Diner 1 Star

Janes' an idiot. Been in Des Moines for 4 weeks now and finally found someone who can cook an egg? Great.

chris07gtcs gave El Rodeo 1 Star

It's been almost two year since I gave a very opinionated and what I beleive to be a very accurate take on this place. A and D are way wrong. Just blowing their usual gas as always. Hell, I lived in P... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Big Tomato Pizza Co 1 Star

Hey hojo, Amen to that brother! And as for you Tomato guy, Wanna know why your clientele appears to be inebrieated? Oops, sorry for the big word. What I meant to say was drunk. On account of you've g... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Torroco! Italian Grill 4 Stars

I read the reviews. You people are right. This place is good. It took to long to get my water refilled. However, if I could live on tiramisu, and perhaps the best balsamic vinaigrette I have ever tast... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Leaning Tower Of Pizza 5 Stars

I really don't want to review a place twice, However, My birthday dinner tonight was a takeout pizza from here. Fantastic, Outstanding and Wonderful! A year and a half since I last mentioned LT. Like ... (see full review)