Reviews written by chris07gtcs

chris07gtcs gave Drake Diner 1 Star

Janes' an idiot. Been in Des Moines for 4 weeks now and finally found someone who can cook an egg? Great.

chris07gtcs gave El Rodeo 1 Star

It's been almost two year since I gave a very opinionated and what I beleive to be a very accurate take on this place. A and D are way wrong. Just blowing their usual gas as always. Hell, I lived in P... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Big Tomato Pizza Co 1 Star

Hey hojo, Amen to that brother! And as for you Tomato guy, Wanna know why your clientele appears to be inebrieated? Oops, sorry for the big word. What I meant to say was drunk. On account of you've g... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Torroco! Italian Grill 4 Stars

I read the reviews. You people are right. This place is good. It took to long to get my water refilled. However, if I could live on tiramisu, and perhaps the best balsamic vinaigrette I have ever tast... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Leaning Tower Of Pizza 5 Stars

I really don't want to review a place twice, However, My birthday dinner tonight was a takeout pizza from here. Fantastic, Outstanding and Wonderful! A year and a half since I last mentioned LT. Like ... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Old Chicago 2 Stars

Wow! I thought I was the only one dissapointed here. My wife and I stopped by on a Sunday, Unaware of the buffet. If you don't like a bunch of people hovering around a short supplied buffet, DON'T GO.... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Victor's Sports Club 4 Stars

Victor's probably assumes the role of neighborhood bar and grill by default. Don't let that keep you from stopping by. We did last weekend and found a mixed crowd of happy people, Friendly staff and A... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Tacos Mariana's 4 Stars

I've been wanting to try this place for quite some time, But had always been 'put off' by the stories of their irregular hours and location. My bad. All the riviews here on dead on. You want muy authe... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave El Rodeo 1 Star

Wouldn't be a big loss. Got lunch here about a month ago. None of my crew would do it again. Four guys with iron stomachs and the Iowa meat and potatoes attitude. Toughest chicken chimi I've ever had.... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Granite City Food & Brewery 4 Stars

I recently tried this place for the first time. I didn't think it was too bad all around. Our service was good other than the fact that my wife got her meal 5 minutes before I did. But she ordered a a... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Joseph's Steakhouse 3 Stars

This is a tuff one. A Sunday brunch for four. The food choices were abundant. Not all of the dishes were labeled, Nor were the ones that were always what they said. As with all buffets, the food was l... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Jade Garden 5 Stars

It's been almost a year since I wrote about Jade Garden.
I'm sorry that tenacious e had a bad experience there. Chinese food is about the hardest thing to rate because there are so many different sty... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Plaza Mexico 1 Star

I hope there is at least one person out there that agrees with my reviews. If so, they don't eat here much. I had heard glowing reports of this place from family and friends. After several years, I de... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Shane's Rib Shack 4 Stars

Good but not great. Franchise stuff with a lot to be desired. I knew going in that the ribs were not smoked. Any doubt, Just look at their site. Truth is, you get a lot of food for the money. Try the ... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Cactus Bob's BBQ Corral 5 Stars

When you find a place that is gracious and truly appreciative of the people who keep them in business, You tend to give them more than a chance or two. Anyone can be off at any particular moment. You ... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Croz Nest 1 Star

There is no provision for no star. But this place deifinately gets it. I went here one time. What a dump. Isn't there any health inspectors anymore? A bar and grill attached to an auto parts salvage y... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Corigliano's Pizza 5 Stars

Time for a recent review I see. If you look at all the reviews on DSM Alive, Some might guess that I am a thin crust pizza fan. This place is so far off the beaten path for me that I only Take out fr... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Buffalo Wild Wings 1 Star

I frequent a transient buisness proffesional bar and grill. For quite some time I've heard travelers lament of Buffalo Wild Wings. After hearing of them at Jordan Creek, My wife and I rushed out for a... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Leaning Tower Of Pizza 5 Stars

Leaning Tower in Ankeny is still here and going strong. The pizza is ranking with the best thin crust pie in the Des Moines area. Love the sauce. Check it out. It's worth it.

chris07gtcs gave Chips Restaurant 5 Stars

There wouldn't be a Greenbriar or Dish without this place. Trostel definitely knows the eating public. You can take your family here and not have to smell smoke or listen to swearing people next to yo... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Wing Zone 1 Star

injekted was right about one thing. No one walks away dissapointed. They drive away dissapointed. What do these guy's use to cook the wing's? A Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven? These things were slimy to... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Urban Grill 2 Stars

My wife and I recently had a Saturday lunch here. I've been wanting to try the pecan crusted chicken strips for ever. Neither of us was thrilled. My wife thought the honey mustard to be runny and rea... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Jade Garden 5 Stars

If you are a fan of mu shu, you should check this place out. I have been checking out various establishments and have found theirs to be a bargain. My wife and I can usually get three or four meals ou... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Ankeny Diner 4 Stars

My wife and I have found this to be a great place for a burger. For around seven bucks you get a cooked to order burger with a side that could also be soup or salad. The entertainment book has a buy ... (see full review)

chris07gtcs gave Scornovacca's North 3 Stars

I've had Scornovaca's pizza off and on for many years. I remember their old location at E 14th & Aurora if this helps determine how long. All I'll say is if you are not a italian sausage fan but like ... (see full review)