Reviews written by hojo

hojo gave Felix & Oscars Restaurant 3 Stars

The crust isn't bad, although the last time we ordered it was way overcooked. The sauce is the biggest downfall here, if you ask me. It tastes like it came right out of a can, overly sweet and no de... (see full review)

hojo gave Drake Diner 3 Stars

Better Burger: Star Bar, Gateway Market, Django, B-Bops Better Milkshake: Bauder's Better Breakfast: Dahl's, Star Bar, Gateway Market, La Mie, Mr. Filet

hojo gave Big Tomato Pizza Co 3 Stars

Your arguments are well articulated but they definitely do not correlate. Your first response relates to drunk people who may be a little slow. Your second relates to people who verbally and physica... (see full review)

hojo gave Drake Diner 3 Stars

Not a big fan - I've had a better burger, better milkshake, and better breakfast elsewhere in Des Moines.

hojo gave Frank's Pizza 5 Stars

Awesome pizza. Thin crust, great ingredients, crispy where it should be without being overcooked.

hojo gave Tandoor Authentic Indian 1 Star

Unfortunately, Faraz is no longer here. The last time this happened, Tandoor went south. When he came back it improved drastically. Unless Faraz returns, no dice here.

hojo gave Big Tomato Pizza Co 3 Stars

Well, in case anybody had any doubt about the service, there you have it... That said, to the Big Tomato employee who posted - you CHOOSE to work at a pizza joint late at night that caters to "drunk ... (see full review)

hojo gave Los Laureles 1 Star

Have eaten here three times - once during normal hours and twice after the bar. The first time I ate here it was OK - I ordered three tacos, one pastor, one carne azada, and one chorizo. All were av... (see full review)

hojo gave Saigon Cafe 5 Stars

Lunch here is excellent. You can really tell the quality of a restaurant by how fresh the appetizers are when they come to you - and Saigon generally brings them fresh from the kitchen. We had sprin... (see full review)

hojo gave Torroco! Italian Grill 4 Stars

I went for lunch - and I entered skeptical. I had been previously before and didn't like the dining area and thought it was a little overpriced. But, my opinion has definitely changed after dining t... (see full review)

hojo gave Wig and Pen 5 Stars

Best pizza in town in my opinion. Service was a little flustered when we went in, but it was the first week. The Flying Tomato is the way to go here. The restaurant is a little odd in it's shape/am... (see full review)

hojo gave Grand Piano Bistro 1 Star

Went for lunch. Had a prime rib sandwich that was cooked to almost well done! Service was EXTREMELY slow, and we were one of only three occupied tables. Drinks rarely refilled.

hojo gave Beaverdale Pizza 3 Stars

I have ordered pizza from here twice, under the advisement of the des moines alive community. I was sorely disappointed both times. The pizza tastes mostly of dough, with the sauce, cheese and toppi... (see full review)

hojo gave Star Bar 4 Stars

Poor service when dining here, but the food is superb. The BBQ Chicken Springrolls are possibly my fav app in town. Burgers and sandwiches are good, and the steak salad is perfect.

They make a ... (see full review)

hojo gave Trostel's Dish 5 Stars

For a big group, this is a perfect spot. For a small group, this is a perfect spot. The ability to try multiple menu items and share without seeming weird is a niche that was lacking until Dish and ... (see full review)

hojo gave Tacos Mariana's 5 Stars

Best authentic Mexican tacos in town. Extremely fresh, although sometimes slow. Plus the hours are anyone's guess. The burrito platter here is also a steal with rice, beans and a giant burrito smot... (see full review)

hojo gave Shane's Rib Shack 4 Stars

The food is plentiful, the employees are actually quite enjoyable and eager to serve you, and the bbq is actually pretty good. Not bad for a chain bbq restaurant...I'd eat here before I'd eat at Famo... (see full review)

hojo gave Sam & Gabe's Italian Bistro 5 Stars

Great atmosphere. Great steak. Amazing Italian Nachos. Love when they have live jazz. This is my favorite spot to take a date or sit in the bar before a night out.

hojo gave Red Rossa Napoli Pizza 5 Stars

Quick, relatively inexpensive, good tasting pizza packaged up nicely in a neighborhood restaurant feeling place. Salads are pretty good too. Nice choice of toppings (gorgonzola is great here) and en... (see full review)

hojo gave House of Thai 3 Stars

Shrimp tasted of dirty water and not of shrimp. Broccoli chicken was average. Crab Rangoon were good. Tea was mediocre and again tasted of dirty water. Our server was quite friendly.

If I want ... (see full review)

hojo gave Gino's Restaurant and Lounge 2 Stars

I ordered the Steak De Burgo and my fiancee ordered the Chicken Roll. Overpriced, yes, but I figured what the heck - it's an institution and it'll be good. It wasn't. My de Burgo was cool to the po... (see full review)

hojo gave Flying Mango 4 Stars

Cramped inside, creating an interesting blend of conversation. Servers are lacking skill, but the food is just awesome. I think the corn bread is the best I've had (although some are turned off by t... (see full review)

hojo gave Ban Thai 4 Stars

I think the Pad Thai here is up there with the best in town. Be careful with the heat, however, as it can bite you. I think of myself as able to handle heat, but I think I ordered 4 star and it kick... (see full review)