Reviews written by hojo

hojo gave Tandoor Authentic Indian 5 Stars

I have never had a bad meal here - I've never even had a mediocre meal here. Even the lunch buffet is outstanding, and the owner, who is present almost every time I've been in, makes sure that everyt... (see full review)

hojo gave Iowa Machine Shed 2 Stars

I disagree about the food here. There is nothing worse than a restaurant claiming to represent Iowa home cooking and failing at it when out of towners come to eat. My breakfast was pretty good here,... (see full review)

hojo gave Huhot Mongolian Grill 4 Stars

This place is pretty much what you see is what you get, but they execute very well. You're not getting choice cuts of meat and elegantly prepared meals - this place is all about making something you ... (see full review)

hojo gave Urban Grill 3 Stars

Extremely overrated, but I like the atmosphere - hard to believe it used to be a Hardee's. When they first opened their food was much better than it is now - overcooked meat, over oily pasta, etc. pr... (see full review)

hojo gave Appare Japanese Steakhouse 4 Stars

I really like this place. The manager Ken is a very nice guy and has always made us feel at home and like we are special. The servers can often be slow, but the food makes up for it. I thought this... (see full review)

hojo gave Crave Bar, Grill, and Fondue Room 1 Star

Holy cow this place is bad. Servers are confused, slow, and irritating. Food is mediocre at best. With such a great location they've really taken West Glen down with it (not saying West Glen is bad... (see full review)

hojo gave Cafe Fuzion 5 Stars

Amazing appetizers, esp. the crab rangoon. Pad thai just insanely good. Very inexpensive. This is really one of the few can't misses in town.

hojo gave Miyabi 9 5 Stars

Went on Friday night and sat at the sushi bar. Miyabi was behind the line prepping sushi. While waiting he served us an excellent salad with fish pieces. Miso soup was pretty standard, but can't re... (see full review)

hojo gave Zen Noodle and Sushi Bar 1 Star

Sushi here is confusing. When I order a roll, I expect a ROLL, not a mound of rice with something stuffed inside. Terrible form of sushi, although the taste is sometimes there. I agree with previou... (see full review)

hojo gave Wok in Motion 2 Stars

Food not bad, although my Sushi Tempura roll consisted of only rice and shrimp, covered in what had to have been strawberry yogurt (we were told it was strawberry mixed with mayo, which was definitely... (see full review)