Inthewater is not a professional food critic, chef or anything else. Just consider these reviews from the perspective of an avid food consumer who appreciates good food, good service and great deals. I also try to "go outside my boundaries" by trying places that are obscure or new. Take my comments with a grain of salt, as they are not based on years of training or anything else other than a deep love of great food and drink.

Inthewater lives in Des Moines and seems to enjoy hanging out there. They have rated 10 places, giving them an average of 4 stars.

This member hasn't been around in quite a while... We miss you, Inthewater.

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Inthewater gave North End Diner 3 Stars

I believe it closed after the last large flood we had. It had gone into decline and had a few different owners, I believe.

Inthewater gave Fawn's Asian Cuisine 4 Stars

@Gothic Valentine - So, let me get this straight. You don't like honey, so the food sucks? That is a strange perspective.

I have eaten at Fawn's many times and have enjoyed the food and service... (see full review)

Inthewater gave Frank's Pizza 5 Stars

I concur with the previous review. Just simple, good pizza.

This pizza appealed more to my spouse, who didn't like the bready crust at Red Rossa. The ingredients here seem just as top-notch as Re... (see full review)