Reviews written by kari

kari gave Proof 5 Stars

I don't even know how to describe the "delicious-isness" of this place! The flavors all come together in such an amazing way! The vegetable falafel flatbread was out of this world. I don't know what I... (see full review)

kari gave The Fremont 4 Stars

I am always on a quest to find the best Bloody Mary in the Des Moines area... and The Fremont might just be the place! The bartender was not lying when he said he makes a pretty awesome one!
I will f... (see full review)

kari gave Flarah's 4 Stars

If I had to rate the vegetarian sandwich, I would say 3 stars... nothing really that exciting. But the beet salad?! That deserves 5 stars! Holy incredible! I loved it! Apparently the cheesecakes bites... (see full review)

kari gave Baby Boomers Cafe 3 Stars

I suppose I should try breakfast at Baby Boomers before writing a review, because that is what I have heard the Cafe being most known for. Well, that and the cookies!
As for lunch... meh. My sandwich... (see full review)

kari gave Flying Mango 4 Stars

I have a hard time deciding between "liked it" and "loved it" with Flying Mango.
I love, love, love the food here. Every time, hands down, good food. I have never had anything that I wouldn't order ... (see full review)

kari gave Cafe Di Scala 4 Stars

The food at Cafe Di Scala is wonderful. The home made pastas really are incredible, especially the home made cavatelli (which can be made without meat!) I would say the service is always hit or miss, ... (see full review)

kari gave 34's Sports Grill 2 Stars

I wish I could say something decent about the food... but the service is always so bad here I don't even think about what I ordered. Ankeny may not have a ton of options to chose from, but definitely ... (see full review)

kari gave Wok in Motion 2 Stars

I wanted to say that what we had experienced was because the restaurant is new... and maybe that is the case.. but my experience at Wok in Motion was not what I was hoping for.
The presentation was g... (see full review)

kari gave Bistro Montage 5 Stars

Bistro Montage is simply my favorite restaurant in the Des Moines area. (It's true that I am partial to small town, limited seating, local produce bistros...)
The intimate setting of this restauran... (see full review)

kari gave 25th Street Cafe 5 Stars

Although I visited 25th Street Cafe on a nite where the menu was "pre-selected," I would still say that it was one of the most enjoyable dining experiences. The food was incredible, and I truly enjoye... (see full review)

kari gave Sam & Gabe's Italian Bistro 4 Stars

I had heard so many good thing about Sam & Gabe's.. and I can't say that I was really that impressed. Don't get me wrong, the food was pretty good and the service was decent.. but I just can't say tha... (see full review)

kari gave Sage 5 Stars

Sage is one of the most amazing restaurants in the Des Moines area. Being a small bistro, the food is local
(if it can be), fresh and creative with a speciality menu that changes every nite. The cra... (see full review)

kari gave Vieux Carre 2 Stars

Get ready for an embarrassing experience if you are heading to Vieux Carre. Not that you will be embarrassed.. but you will surely be embarrassed for the people you encounter here.
This place is fill... (see full review)

kari gave Mickey's Irish Pub 2 Stars

See my review of Drink: The Original Fun Bar.. Delete the comment of no cameras, rowdiness, and "special guest parking," add:

1. Way too much smoke.
2. Another comment about frat boys and girls i... (see full review)

kari gave Champps Restaurant & Bar 1 Star

Champps was a complete disappointment.. It's not that I had heard a ton of good things about the restaurant.. but a few, and being in the infamous Jordan Creek area, I thought it would be worth checki... (see full review)

kari gave Drink: The Original Fun Bar 1 Star

"The Hamptons of the Midwest" makes me want to vomit.. And whoever thought of that slogan should have his/her head kicked.

The "Hamptons of the Midwest"?? Seriously? Isn't that quite the contradic... (see full review)

kari gave Embassy Club 5 Stars

The Embassy Club is simply amazing.
Where else has the most incredible view of the entire Des Moines area, unbelievably delicious food, and service that can not be compared to?
There was no rushing... (see full review)

kari gave The Cab 5 Stars

The Cab is one of my favorite bars in the Des Moines area. No smoking, small crowds, amazing blue cheese olives, and a bar staff who remembers your name (and sometimes even your drink)... all combined... (see full review)