Reviews written by kdog

kdog gave Star Bar 4 Stars

Star bar is a bar in the evening, and does a bustling lunch business. This review is for them as a lunch spot. I came at an off time for a late lunch around 2ish, the service was decent but not stella... (see full review)

kdog gave Mars Cafe 5 Stars

this place is great. Great coffee, awesome food. Fun events. They are very in touch with the local art scene, and support a lot of local artists. They have a line of musicians that come through many f... (see full review)

kdog gave A Dong 5 Stars

This place is the real deal. I grew up eating a lot of asian food, and this is some of the best that I have had, in NYC, California, anywhere. Its light - the kind of food that real asian and vietname... (see full review)

kdog gave Raccoon River Brewing Company 3 Stars

I have to say that this place is really not all its cracked up to be. The food is expensive, and nothing very special. I feel like I could get a better meal at star bar, rock bottom, or even wellmans ... (see full review)

kdog gave Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery 5 Stars

This place is a winner. Great atmosphere, excellent food. Their stout BBQ sauce is amazing, their beer is great too, though im more of a foodie than a beer person. The asiago cheese bread, is truly am... (see full review)

kdog gave Claxon's Smokehouse & Grill 4 Stars

This place has pretty good BBQ. Its not the best, but its up there compared to some of the other places in town. The food is somewhat on and off. Some days I'll have a great burnt ends sandwich or pul... (see full review)

kdog gave Zanzibar's Coffee Adventure 5 Stars

They have a great cup of coffee, and great food. Love the atmosphere. I wish the chairs were more comfortable, and they had internet. As a result I find myself studying at mars a lot more... but Zanzi... (see full review)