nathan lives in Des Moines and seems to enjoy hanging out there. He has rated 29 places, giving them an average of 3 stars.

nathan hasn't been around in quite a while... We miss you, nathan.

nathan's latest reviews

nathan gave Fat Tuesday 4 Stars

The food reminds me of the south, and not just south Des Moines. This is one of those eateries that you have to find, but once you do, you'll just keep coming back. Maria and Steve will always treat... (see full review)

nathan gave Beechwood Lounge 3 Stars

Depending on the night, it's not a bad spot to hangout with friends. It's not big and seating becomes a problem sometimes but all in all, I'd hangout here again.

nathan gave 4th Down Sports Bar 1 Star

This place started out alright but it's been nothing but downhill since. If you love meatheads that can't dress themselves in anything other than sleeveless t-shirts and festively plump girls pretend... (see full review)

nathan gave Waterfront Seafood Market 5 Stars

I'm not an expert by any means but the food served here is amazing. The gumbo is probably the best I've had at any place including coastal cities I've visited. The price is more than fair considerin... (see full review)

nathan gave Star Bar 2 Stars

I will agree with everyone here about the food. Nothing I've ever consumed here has been bad. Not great, but overall pretty good. The service is horrible! Not once have I had good service here. N... (see full review)