Reviews written by nathan

nathan gave Fat Tuesday 4 Stars

The food reminds me of the south, and not just south Des Moines. This is one of those eateries that you have to find, but once you do, you'll just keep coming back. Maria and Steve will always treat... (see full review)

nathan gave Beechwood Lounge 3 Stars

Depending on the night, it's not a bad spot to hangout with friends. It's not big and seating becomes a problem sometimes but all in all, I'd hangout here again.

nathan gave 4th Down Sports Bar 1 Star

This place started out alright but it's been nothing but downhill since. If you love meatheads that can't dress themselves in anything other than sleeveless t-shirts and festively plump girls pretend... (see full review)

nathan gave Waterfront Seafood Market 5 Stars

I'm not an expert by any means but the food served here is amazing. The gumbo is probably the best I've had at any place including coastal cities I've visited. The price is more than fair considerin... (see full review)

nathan gave Star Bar 2 Stars

I will agree with everyone here about the food. Nothing I've ever consumed here has been bad. Not great, but overall pretty good. The service is horrible! Not once have I had good service here. N... (see full review)

nathan gave Tonic 1 Star

We made a visit on a Bowl Game night. It was terrible. As soon as we walked in I was in a haze of smoke. I thought this was a smoke free bar. I was wrong about that. I was ok with it being a smok... (see full review)

nathan gave King & I Thai Cuisine 4 Stars

This is a very friendly and good tasting thai restaurant. The service is fast and the food is always prepared quickly. This is especially a nice place to drop in during a weekday lunch even if you'r... (see full review)

nathan gave Tonic 2 Stars

So I read the review and this is NOT a sports bar. It is a yuppie crowd and that's what you will find there. Of all the TV's in the place 3 had sports going on and the others had FOX regular program... (see full review)

nathan gave Fireside Grille 3 Stars

This is not a bad little place to hangout. There is karoke on a night I don't remember. There's a couple games of Silverstrike Bowling. There is one pool table and a couple Fruit Bonus machines. T... (see full review)

nathan gave Ebenezer Frogs 3 Stars

This was a most interesting experience, each time was different but everytime I've had fun. Frogs has pool tables,bowling, golden tee, lotto and an old grill as part of it's fun repetoire. This is a... (see full review)

nathan gave El Rodeo 3 Stars

This is one of those fine Mexican places that you go in, eat your chips and eat your food and it's all casual. The food is good and they make thier own chips. I'm a big fan of the midafternoon marg... (see full review)

nathan gave Manhattan Deli 4 Stars

This will be a nice short review. Go eat here. It's good food and it's pretty darn fresh. Plenty of seating usually and it's one of those deli places that reminds me of Seinfeld. It's small and lo... (see full review)

nathan gave Wellman's Pub 3 Stars

Wellman's is a nice little college bar on Ingersoll Crawl. This is one of the many places on Ingersoll where the food is good, the atmosphere is good and the people that hang there are diverse. Ther... (see full review)

nathan gave High Life Lounge 2 Stars

As one can already tell, this place had High Life on tap. 6 of them to be exact. It's quite the interesting place. Supposedly it was an old bowling alley though I can't confirm that as of yet. The... (see full review)

nathan gave Big Tomato Pizza Co 3 Stars

Big Tom's is an amazing pizza place. You order through thier "pickup window". There is a multitude of pizza's available. This is a great late night eatery after some good drinking on Ingersoll. Th... (see full review)

nathan gave Cabaret Lounge 4 Stars

Cabaret is a pretty clean establishment. The atmosphere is nice and low key. They feature the single pool table, Silver Strike Bowling, Fruit Bonus, Darts and have multiple TV's. There is a special... (see full review)

nathan gave The Cab 4 Stars

If there is one place in this town where you can call a bar cozy and not coming out smelling like smoke, this is it. It's a smoke-free bar that can hold about 50 people. Everything is clean and if y... (see full review)

nathan gave Huhot Mongolian Grill 5 Stars

If there is one place in Des Moines you have to eat at this place is it. You gather the fixin's. Veggies, meats, veggies, meats whatever and then top it off with a sauce of your choice or you can fo... (see full review)

nathan gave Stix 3 Stars

This is a very clean pool hall. It's $.75 per game and the tables are so new sometimes the balls don't come down. There is approximately 15 pool tables. Some of the other wonders include Golden Te... (see full review)

nathan gave Autographs Extreme 3 Stars

Autographs-First off, light up the sign so I can find it. I'm guessing they want more than just the regulars. This place is pretty sweet though; I was there at a down time. The liquor is displayed ... (see full review)

nathan gave Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery 4 Stars

Good eats and atmosphere. Join the Mug Club and you get bigger pints or bring your own in. The Mug Club is free and after so many visits, minimum of 10 you get 10 bucks back. It works its way up fro... (see full review)

nathan gave A.K. O'Connors 4 Stars

Ak O'Connors Beaverdale - This is an interesting little place. There have been some upgrades since last year. Two Samsung 42" Flats, A curiocabinet in the entry way to break up the open space, almos... (see full review)

nathan gave Roadhouse 69 3 Stars

The Roadhouse - This is a bar where you walk in and everyone knows everyone else - except you and your stupid friends. There are some great things happening in this place though. Pool is a mere $.50... (see full review)

nathan gave Raccoon River Brewing Company 4 Stars

It is a great place for casual dining and drinks. The food is good and they make thier own drinks which are very good. There are five pool tables, golden tee, 2 bars (1 upstairs and 1 downstairs). ... (see full review)

nathan gave Vieux Carre 2 Stars

Interesting place with interesting people. You get all sorts in there, but usually a very fundamentally "missed the boat" group. Most people that go here are either too old to be in a club like this... (see full review)