Reviews written by NicoleK

NicoleK gave Mezzodi's 4 Stars

I'm going to keep this extremely simple: salad was good, service was ok, the Mushroom Lasagna was outstanding. It was the special for Saturday night and it was one of the most delicious meals I've eve... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Tally's 5 Stars

I visited Tally's the first time this Tuesday and had such a pleasant experience.

Perfect amount of service. Yummy martinis and appetizers. Nice, modern atmosphere. And a pretty fair amount of vege... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Fong's 5 Stars

How fun is this place?! Love the idea, love the creative menu, love the creative drinks.

I've only been for lunch: $5 slice & salad. I had a spinach Alfredo slice and it was so good. The salad was ... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Sakari Sushi Lounge 3 Stars

I would agree, this is a lively "party-like" atmosphere. We went on a Saturday night at 8:00pm and it was so crowded inside, there is very little waiting area and so people we standing on top of diner... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Cafe Di Scala 4 Stars

I have heard such amazing things about this place. And I finally got around to going this Sunday for the very fun themed "Beatles Brunch".

The atmosphere is quaint and elegant without being stuffy... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Maxie's West 2 Stars

There are very few good things I can say about this place. Its cheap and the service was good.
The food was mostly fried or just comfort food. And they only had one vegetarian dish, the Fettuccine Al... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Christopher's Restaurant 2 Stars

I just don't get the draw of this place. I had a very bad experience a couple years ago at Christopher's and decided to give it another shot.

My husband and I took our mothers to the mothers day br... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Alba 4 Stars

I've had drinks and dessert here before and thought both were very excellent. The atmosphere is really modern and interesting.

This weekend I actually had a full dinner. I went for the chive potat... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Open Sesame 4 Stars

I've had both the Shawarma Chicken pita wrap and the Cauliflower Pita for lunch with the amazing Lebanese fries. Both wraps were extremely tasty and I've not be disappointed.

The restaurant is a l... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Flour 4 Stars

I enjoyed the slice/salad (potato rosemary pizza and champagne vinaigrette side salad) with a Peace Tree (Knoxville based brewery) root beer. The entire lunch was delicious. And it was the perfect por... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Fresh Café and Market 4 Stars

I love that this place is organic, vegetarian-friendly, fresh and healthy. I enjoyed a sandwich (a fancy grilled cheese and apple) served with the most yummy kale chips.

Couple things I was not di... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Felix & Oscars Restaurant 4 Stars

i am starting off with the best and most important: the Chicago-style pizza, heaven help me, this was delicious! I am a huge fan of Giordano's in Chicago, but always sad that nothing compared here in ... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Grounds For Celebration 4 Stars

I love their coffee and especially their specialty drinks like the White Carmel Truffle and the Frozen Hot Chocolate are both unbelievably delicious. I've ate there only once and enjoyed what I got, t... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Cabaret Nightclub West Glen 5 Stars

This is the "sister" bar to my favorite place, The cAb. And I must say to have a smoke-free option in West Des Moines is fantastic. I love the atmosphere; it is fun, modern with a twist of art deco. I... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Cafe Su 5 Stars

My first time at Café Su was this Saturday and it caught me completely off guard. The atmosphere is unique with an industrial/elegance about it.

The food was amazing. The vegetable egg rolls, out... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Trostel's Dish 5 Stars

Simple, elegant and outstanding. This seriously describes the food, the drinks and the ambience of Trostel’s Dish. It is by far one of my favorite restaurants here in the Des Moines area. I sampled ... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Buffalo Wild Wings 2 Stars

First impression was on a Thursday night around 8pm and the entire restaurant was super dirty. The tables, the floors, the chairs were just disgusting with sticky wing sauce and food. It is definitely... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Cool Basil 5 Stars

The atmosphere is quaint and cozy and the wait staff was incredible. They were attentive, friendly and helpful. The menu is full of traditional and contemporary Thai cuisine. The food was presented qu... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Mars Cafe 5 Stars

How fun is this place. I love the idea of a cool little joint that serves sandwiches, desserts, wine, beer and coffee. They have a small stage for performers; I actually just saw a show there (Aeon Gr... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Yanni's Grill and Vineyard 4 Stars

We visited Yanni’s on Saturday night around 6:30 and I was completely surprised that there was no wait. I wasn’t really impressed with the outside décor and the inside was not what I expected. I ... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Encore Pizza 4 Stars

I visited Encore Pizza when it was Pizza Oven and loved it…this weekend’s visit was no different.

We tried the Margherita and Garlic Mushroom Alfredo Pizza and both were outstanding. They both ... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Nova 10 Cinemas - Des Moines 3 Stars

I absolutely love the premise of this theater. $5 gets you a ticket (to a 2nd round movie), small popcorn and small pop.

I wasn’t expecting anything fancy…I can deal with the older style row-se... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Wok in Motion 1 Star

Still Learning.

On Friday night 4 of us headed to Wok in Motion in West Glen to try out this latest restaurant.

It is a very small joint, in fact there are only two chairs in the "waiting area".... (see full review)

NicoleK gave 43 Restaurant & Bar 4 Stars

This is a perfect blend of ambience and delectable dishes. The décor is classic with an art deco twist. And since we arrived at 8pm on Sunday there was only 2 other guests in the whole place. However... (see full review)