Reviews written by NicoleK

NicoleK gave Fire Creek Grill 5 Stars

I was completely surprised and delightfully happy after dining at Fire Creek Grill.

While entering, we were greeted promptly and pleased to hear the entire restaurant is smoke-free. The interior i... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Nick's Bar & Grill 3 Stars

This place came highly recommended as a great lunch and dinner spot, so it was only a matter of time before I tried it. First off, I was skeptical of the name “bar & grill” this puts a picture of ... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano 3 Stars

My first 2 experiences were nothing to write home about. The food was decent, but nothing memorable. However, this Friday was so memorable.

Knowing it was going to be busy, I was super excited to ... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Sage 5 Stars

Sage is a very intimate, sleek urban bistro. The menu is prepared with only foods that are in season and they provide nightly specials. The staff is friendly and very accommodating. Our server gave wo... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Cheddar's Casual Cafe 3 Stars

Cheddar's is a slight step-up from Applebees, but it is a step-up. They offer the traditional American cuisine, comfort food and good adult drinks. The portions are huge, so you might want to split. D... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Z'Mariks Noodle Cafe 5 Stars

There is a reason why everybody loves this place…it is dang good. It’s simple. Z’mariks does not boast a huge menu, it doesn’t need to. The flavors of the bowls are enough to keep you happy. I... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Blue Sky Creamery 5 Stars

It’s Ice Cream and it is Delicious! It is that simple.
The flavors are extreme and the consistency is very smooth and light tasting. I absolutely loved it. I have tasted the Vanilla, Carmel, but my... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Fratello's on Eigth 1 Star

I had heard mixed reviews about this restaurant, which in reality there should be nothing mixed about it. I would rather eat McDonalds than ever eat here again. The only thing Fratello’s had going f... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Buca Di Beppo 5 Stars

To start off, love the décor! It’s eclectic, entertaining and funky. I have been to Buca di Beppo, twice. Once for lunch seated in the restaurant and the other for dinner, seated in the kitchen, by... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Claxon's Smokehouse & Grill 2 Stars

It seriously took me two days to figure out what I was going to write about this place without using deserved swear words.

First, we went on a Friday night…the place was not crowded, which at fir... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Belwood Bakery 4 Stars

I love a great lunch spot and Belwood is one of my favorites. I have never been disappointed.

I love their soups, Vegetable Beef, Corn Chowder, Baked Potato and they really shine with the Chicken ... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Basil Prosperi Bakery 4 Stars

Oh, how I wanted to love this place, but they just didn’t live up to my expectations. I have read so many wonderful things about Basil Prosperi Bakery (from the review below to the Des Moines Regist... (see full review)

NicoleK gave PF Chang's China Bistro 4 Stars

Casual, upscale Chinese-influenced dining. I say influenced because the dishes are much Americanized, but I don’t mind, it is that unique style that makes me love to go there. Also as stated in othe... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Paccheno's Bakery & Bistro 5 Stars

This place is super yummy. A little bakery that serves all kinds of goodness. The sandwiches, soups and pasta salads are all wonderful. The salads are huge with delicious dressings. Apparently the lun... (see full review)

NicoleK gave The General Store Eatery 4 Stars

This is a great little lunch spot! Located in the heart of Valley Junction this General Store offers deli and specialty sandwiches along with homemade soups. The sandwiches are yummy, the side pasta s... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Daytona's Sports Bar 3 Stars

Daytona’s A Better Hooters.

Not only do I think the atmosphere is better, but so is the food. There is no question who their target audience is: Men (and women who love them some Nascar). But the... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Huhot Mongolian Grill 4 Stars

I am torn on my feelings. Part of me really loves this place. I love that you make your dinner, you decide what to add, what sauces to put on and actually watch your food being cooked.

The part th... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Billy Joe's Pitcher Show 2 Stars

I just recently entered Billy Joes after a 10+ year absence. The last time was when I was a child watching Goonies. This time I was old enough to enter the lounge area, I would of rather watched a mov... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Big Steer Restaurant & Lounge 4 Stars

Altoona is certainly growing and although new restaurants are popping up in this community, The Big Steer keeps serving hearty steaks and wonderful side dishes. To start, it isn’t much from the outs... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Tursi's Latin King 5 Stars

A Des Moines classic, Tursi’s Latin King and there is a reason it has been successful, delicious food and good service. First and foremost it is located on the east side where fine dining is sparse,... (see full review)

NicoleK gave La Pizza House 4 Stars

This is my favorite pizza hands down. I also love their Italian dressing for salads and they are known for some of the best onion rings in town. With that said if you are looking for a sparkling, fanc... (see full review)

NicoleK gave El Rodeo 4 Stars

I gave El Rodeo 4 Stars not because I think it is the best restaurant in Des Moines, it is clearly not. However I think it is the best Mexican restaurant in Des Moines. And sometimes you just want aff... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Sam & Gabe's Italian Bistro 4 Stars

This Friday was my first time at Sam and Gabe’s. It came highly recommended and I was told to have the Chicken Aisago. The place is large, classy and very clean. The menu was impressive, offered a l... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Centro 5 Stars

This happens to be one of my favorite places to eat. Centro is located downtown next to the Temple of Performing Arts and I love downtown eateries. The food is delicious, even though I always get the ... (see full review)

NicoleK gave Palmer's Deli & Market 5 Stars

Here is a place that is absolutely perfect for lunch. It is much more than a simple deli.

The soups are yummy and hearty, the sandwiches are wonderful and they have a lot of specialty ones to choo... (see full review)