Reviews written by Ross

Ross gave 5 & Diner 2 Stars

The one in Johnston is closed. The one in Pleasant Hill is good but overpriced for a burger joint.

Ross gave 95KGGO Arena 3 Stars

I love the bucs, but if you are going to chage the name to 95KGGO Arena it's about damn time you rock the joint in the off season with some concerts!! What happened to the low dough shows KGGO used to... (see full review)

Ross gave Val Air Ballroom 5 Stars

I love the Val Air Ballroom! This week will be the 4th time I've seen a concert there. I always look forward to going.

Ross gave Keysters 4 Stars

I've been to 2 shows at Keysters and had a great time at both. I'm looking forward to more! Thanx!

Ross gave Tursi's Latin King 5 Stars

I know the Latin King has the best of everything, but have you ever had the cheeseburger? That's right cheeseburger. They have the best one in the city of Des kidding!!
Go for onion rings... (see full review)

Ross gave Sugar Shack Restaurant 3 Stars

I had it in the past and loved it. The last time was not that great. I will definitely get the fries instead of onion rings next time. The chocolate shake was very good though.

Ross gave Kin Folks Texas Style BBQ 5 Stars

I have always had good food at Kin Folks and the staff has been very friendly. It's more like a lunch line with the trays sliding down the counter where you place your order. Not really the dine out e... (see full review)

Ross gave Fireside Grille 3 Stars

The rating says it all. Food was average at best. This might be a great place to work on your buzz, but you should eat before you leave the house. Server did a good job and was very polite, I wish I c... (see full review)

Ross gave Rich's Sports Bar & Grill 4 Stars

I love Rich's Bar & Grill's food! I have ordered many different sandwiches and have never left disapointed or hungry. The service has always been great. I just HATE the cigarette smoke!!! I know it's ... (see full review)