Reviews written by Samuel

Samuel gave Cafe Di Scala 2 Stars

I have to give a very mixed review of the first time I visited Cafe di Scala. The resturant inside was very nice and romantic but that is about the only thing good about the place besides the fish an... (see full review)

Samuel gave High Life Lounge 1 Star

The last reviewer is right, this bar sucks. Has anyone else noticed how tough it is to walk around in this place if it's just a little busy? The place is terribly setup and has no flow to it with ev... (see full review)

Samuel gave Star Bar 4 Stars

This place is absolutely fantastic, except for the service. I have been here probably over 20 times since it has opened and unless you are sitting at the bar forgot about having good service.

Th... (see full review)

Samuel gave Down Under Bar & Grill 2 Stars

I can't believe this place has this high of a ranking??? I almost question the validity of the previous reviews and assume it's probably people who work there. This place is alright if you are looki... (see full review)

Samuel gave Southwoods Park 3 Stars

I agree with the previous review, but once you do learn the course, I think it's one the most enjoyable in the Des Moines. Yes it is poorly marked, but I think it's much more challenging than Waterwo... (see full review)

Samuel gave Basil Prosperi's Lucca 2 Stars

I really wanted to give this place a higher rating, but my first experience in this restaurant was not very good. My girlfriend and I went to Lucca on a Friday night around 8:30pm. The restaurant wa... (see full review)

Samuel gave Fridley - Springwood 9 5 Stars

This place is great! By the way, can anybody else figure out what Lauren is talking about? Why is Rick L stupid? He gave the place a five start review and said he liked the place? At least Rick L ... (see full review)

Samuel gave Cosi Cucina Italian Grill 2 Stars

I don't understand how this place is supposeably the "most romantic" restaurant in town. I dined there for the first time ever with my girlfriend about a month ago and we were laughing how we have be... (see full review)

Samuel gave Drink: The Original Fun Bar 4 Stars

I love these people who complain about Drink. Yes, is does get crowded. Yes, people might have a certain type of ego who go there. Yes, the bouncers and staff may attempt to cater to an upscale cro... (see full review)

Samuel gave Envy Nightclub 3 Stars

I don't really understand what is going on in this place the four times I have been there. I swear to god they must be paying off the police because whenever I go to Envy the bar patrons look like th... (see full review)

Samuel gave Red Monk 5 Stars

The Red Monk could be the most unique bar in Des Moines. First off don't insult the bartenders (and yourself) by ordering a Bud Light. This bar offers the most interesting selection of beer from pla... (see full review)