Reviews written by SloppyDog

SloppyDog gave Funny Bone Comedy Club 2 Stars

This is a tough call. As a resturant, I have to give this place a low mark. As an overall entertainment venue I would go much higher, probably in the 4+ range. Seriously, as far as comedy clubs go,... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Cheesecake Factory 4 Stars

I have had bunch of meals here, but it's hard to forget the time that I found a "eyelash" in my seared tuna takaki salad. My wife and I weren't so sure that it was an eyelash - but the manager insist... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave El Rey Burritos 3 Stars

they need a little work here. i will eat a burrito here, hammered beyond belief, and i can still tell that is sucks. that's not good. at 2am, as drunk as it gets, pretty much everything tastes good... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Bradley's Bar 4 Stars

Awesome local dive bar. Just don't eat the hot dogs out of the communal hot dog pot!!!

Dark, dirty, cheap beer specials, and always a lively croud.

I would score it higher, except the juke box ... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Buffalo Wild Wings 4 Stars

I have no idea how this place is only rocking 2.5 stars. Maybe some of the other reviewers are running out of brains?

When you think about it, this place is pretty genius. There are cheap special... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Bonefish Grill 3 Stars

Nothing special here. Service is ok, kind of hit or miss. I have pretty much never had a decent entree here, but the Apps are delicious. Do your self a favor and sit in the bar area and order tons ... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Appare Japanese Steakhouse 4 Stars

Appare prepares the best sushi that I have ever had in Des Moines. That being said, I am giving it a 4 because they are still lacking in several critical areas that diminish the overall dining experi... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Chef's Kitchen 5 Stars

Very tasty stuff. Try the build your own hashbrowns. they are super good and people are now ordering them as their meal w/ a salad or other app. cheap brew too!

SloppyDog gave Wok in Motion 4 Stars

I had a pretty good experience during my first visit to Wok in Motion. But, like Nicole below, the service was lacking. We were sitting up at the sushi bar and the suchi chefs were very friendly. I... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Cafe Su 5 Stars

very tasty . possibly the best chinese in central iowa?

SloppyDog gave Flarah's 3 Stars

eh... not to good really. the desert cheese cake things are good. lunch kinda sucks. everyone who leaves a rating on this website always gives everything 5 stars. come on..not every restaurant in... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Z'Mariks Noodle Cafe 1 Star

yuck- not very tasty at all. and way over priced. i think i paid like $2.50 or 3 bones to add shrimp to my pasta bowl. and it wasn't very good. actually it migfht have been a total rip off. i wen... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Cool Basil 4 Stars

This place has some good Thai eats. It is the sister restaurant to Thai Flavors out on the east side, but there are different chefs and slightly different menus. You'd think it wouldn't that much of... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Red Monk 5 Stars

This place is really just an extension of the Royal Mile. Just go in the mile and up the stars. It specializes in Belgium beers. Very tasty!!! mmmmm, but you can easily spend a ton of money there,... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Beaverdale Pizza 2 Stars

Pretty horrid- yuck. I would not suggest this place. These guys make such an average pizza. save your money

SloppyDog gave Cooney's 4 Stars

this place is good. a great neighborhood dive. very dark and very smokey and the drinks are dirt cheap.

SloppyDog gave Cosmopolitan Lounge 4 Stars

I have mixed feelings about this place. the martinis are good, but I've never had a good mixed drink there. On 2 seperate visits their soda was flat. I don't know if they have a bad gun or what, bu... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave A.K. O'Connors 4 Stars

I'll always hang out, cause I live close by, but this place is pretty much a dive. I know there's new owners and they did a lot to clean it up, including adding some nice tvs above the bar. The foo... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Hessen Haus 5 Stars

this place is cool. go there and shoot the boot- it's a big ass glass boot that is filled w/ brew. but make sure to put your buddy's credit card down in case you break it. the food is only ok, but ... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave High Life Lounge 5 Stars

I think this place is great for what it is. The food is good too and cheap. I had tachos the other day (tater tots drenched in nacho cheese). Granted, I'd be a blimp if I ate there often, but still... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Tursi's Latin King 5 Stars

That nicloe lady in the previous post knows what she's talking about. This place is seriously good. The staff is great and the food is glorious. I like the bar area too. This has to be my favorite... (see full review)

SloppyDog gave Something Italian 5 Stars

I'm going to go out on a imb and say that this is the Best Pizza in Des Moines. Thin, crispy crust- mmmmm delicious- I bet i could eat 3 of their generous slices.

SloppyDog gave Paradise Pizza Cafe 4 Stars

mmmm- They make some pretty good pizzas. Along the lines of CPK. My 2 problems w/ this place is that's it's set up poorly and it's a little overpriced. Price might be cause I've rarely seen it very... (see full review)